Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Our most important product is PROGRESS!

Yesterday was a great and productive day and I even squeezed in a hike with the girls..........
It is cold here and blustery like much of the country right now and they are even predicting snow for the weekend...huh?  It's fine with me though....I love it!  But the sun came out and before long I was unzipping my jacket and taking my hood off.
I came across this really odd grove of dead trees.........
except for that one in front the whole area was dead yet all standing and not from a fire either....
strange...very strange...........
 I had made bread in the bread maker before we left...........and it was ready by suppertime....

 The Hawkeye hat is coming's all straight knit stitch now so I hope I do not mess it up again.  I just cannot watch t.v. and knit.  I can crochet but there will be no knitting while watching t.v. or listening to the radio even and I will not put it down in the middle of a round regardless as that it where I usually messed up....I think I have knitting ADHD.......
 I'm working on 2 ends of the house at the same time....from the garage door which comes into the kitchen and the front door which comes into living room.  This dresser sits by the front door so I moved it last night and vacuumed baseboards and next to the wall with the attachment and then I gave it a good cleaning with a mild detergent and water.  You probably can't tell but I feel better about cleaning it.  I ran out of room in my little linen closet so I use this dresser for other linens that are ironed such as tablecloths, dresser scarves and pillowcases.
 And of course the drawers are lined with scrapbook paper............
 I'm letting the dresser dry out good before I plop things on top of it so I just left it like that overnight.
I managed to get my preemie hats going for this month but also made 2 the same size.....I must have been tired and not paying attention....imagine that.
Today is:
pay bills
make doctor appointments
make a dinner
work on Christmas gifts
and maybe place an order with King Arthur flour for holiday baking (they have some wonderful recipes for that and I am determined to learn how to decorate Christmas cookies this year like the pros do...that should be fun or funny)
P.S.  Yesterday I used their "chat" feature on their website because I didn't have milk on hand except powdered and they answered all my questions in a matter of minutes!  I was really impressed!  Thank you King Arthur!  (and no I am not getting paid for this endorsement or compensated in any way...I am just really impressed with their company, their philosophy and their products and customer service plus the recipes are great too!  They're also employee owned and I think that's always a plus.)
What are you up to today?  Whatever it is I hope you're enjoying yourself.  Happy Trails!


  1. My favorite knitting is when I just knit in a circle with no purling. Those little preemie hats are so cute.

    I never thought of using scrapbook paper to line drawers. I will be working on a dresser soon and I will definitely use your idea.

  2. Homemade bread is the best. Glad you are getting out for walks while you can. Gets dark here so early now that I'm ready to go to bed by 7 p.m. I always feel better after doing a bit of rearranging and cleaning even if no one else can tell a difference. :) Have a great day. Tammy

  3. You made a list! Love that old dresser and scrapbook paper makes a great drawer liner! I see progress in the hat. I hear you are getting coolish...we are to go below zero tonight. I don't like below zero:(

  4. King Arthur is the best company! I have their big cookbook and it's awesome. Love your knitted hat and little baby hats. I ran a bunch of errands today and that's about it! lol Enjoy your evening! Hugs!

  5. The preemie hats are so cute! That first shot of the forest is wonderful.

  6. Gee, I wonder what did happen to those trees

  7. I love that dresser, and those preemie hats are so adorable.

  8. Love days like that, when I can see that I've made progress!

    I can relate to trying to watch a program, and getting distracted by a task at hand... been there, done that**giggle**.

    I love KAF too! I still need to make up an order list, and get it ordered.

    I wonder if those trees had a beetle, or a fungus that killed them??

    Well, hope today is a productive day for you too!

    Smiles :)

  9. How strange about those trees! Love your knitting and also your dresser...very shabby chic!


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