Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The race is on!

Every day I will be sharing something "creepy" to get you in the mood for Halloween.  No, I did not take this picture last night during the lunar eclipse or rather very early this morning.  I would usually go out to see it but we had storms that kept me awake the night before so I was pretty tired out!
I am progressing slowly on the kitchen...basically it looks to be a room a month while still maintaining a life.  Here's my first cupboard.  It was filled with canning jars so I am packing them away in boxes and putting in the basement.  They don't need to take up precious cabinet space.
I cleaned the outside of the refrigerator (actually, I'm so old I still refer to it as an icebox).  I got rid of all the magnets and most of what they were holding was outdated anyway.  I have 2 whiteboards for a weekly "to do" list and an ongoing grocery list and a magnetic towel holder.  This frig is 40 years old and still runs great.  It's a Frigidaire and if I wait just bit longer it should be coming back in style.  It's the almond color that was so "in" years ago.  I like it but then I like older things.
I also cleaned and removed a red little step stool that was on the right of this little stove.  I am moving the stove somewhere....porch maybe?  It is cast iron and heavy as all get out so I will need to get those moving sliders underneath it.  I'd like to fill it with battery operated candles on a timer and make it look like a fake wood burner. LOL!  We'll see how one more of my "hair-brained" ideas works.

Last week I made ham and bean soup and corn muffins and today I'm making a pork loin roast and some kind of pumpkin dessert I think.

I finished a few books this week...........finally! I loved this one and there is a sequel that I plan on ordering..........
it was about a 16 year old homesteader taken from real events pieced together from various journals.
I know this was made into a movie and it was supposed to be wonderful but I didn't care for it and slogged through it.  I think part of it is because at my age you know how tragic life is and you really don't want to dwell on that part of it.  I have a little too much empathy and it can leave a scar on me that appears in my dreams and haunts me throughout my day.  Although this wasn't a graphic book about the was close enough and to pick up a book each night reminding you of those awful, horrific events is not peaceful for going off to dreamland.  So, at my age I would prefer to read about happier events.  I realize we never want to forget and who could?  But on the other hand I can't deal with the constant reminder either.
I read another book my daughter brought me and this was the other extreme.  It was a children's book but this time it was a little too young for me.  But I know why she gave it to me as it mentions Iowa and the specific towns where we lived and the Hawkeyes! LOL!  It was a cute story though.  There's another one about the Button family that I will read some other time.
I am presently reading this very old's fiction and a little different...I'll reserve my judgement until I am done.  It's not what I thought it would be though....I'll say that.
And for my non-fiction I'm back to reading this one..........
As for's slow as I am doing the kitchen and trying to work outside..........and today I must start decorating for Halloween in and out and also making ornaments and such for the grands to mail for Halloween.
I'm about a day behind on my 3 rows a day for the blanket..........
 and I finished the heal flap and the gusset on my 2nd sock so I am now heading down the stretch towards the toe!  But I need to put it down and work on Christmas presents!  Only 12 weeks left?  Heaven help me!
Happy Trails!


  1. I just got that "Hattie" book, and will start to read it soon. Can't wait to see what it's all about.

  2. You are a wonder... with all that you accomplish in a week!
    Love that you are getting the organizing done that you want to, and doing some reading, and handiwork.
    I don't have enough hours in the day!
    What is your secret ***smile**.


  3. Wow you busy bee :)
    These books look lovely..i will try to find the Hattie one here too..
    Hugs x

  4. I love that creepy photo! Looks like you've been busy. I love a good book also and love reading Stephen King.

  5. Busy busy, a room a month! Later on I will do a room at a time...and the kitchen has been known to take longer than a month...but for now leaves and yard are a priority. I slogged through the yard again yesterday and today I am all stuffed up.
    I like you old stove:)

  6. You are always a busy bee. Those corn muffins are calling out to me.


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