Thursday, October 9, 2014 I love you! Let me count the ways........

I don't think I told you but one night Nitty was barking ...alot...which she doesn't do very often but I was in bed reading and she had already been out so I told her to lay down and paid her no mind.  Well, this is what I get for not listening to my "lead" guard dog!
 If you can't tell what that is dirt in the shape of an old porcelain sink that I had sitting there with what used to be flowers in it.  Someone had dumped it and taken the sink and Nitty tried to tell me but I didn't listen!  You can bet I will from now on!  Why someone would want that old sink is beyond me....I got it free at the junk yard and there's plenty more where that one came from.  Anyone have a clue?  
 I'd been meaning to work on this area as soon as it cooled off a bit so yesterday I did! 
I hauled 6 bags of rock/pebbles and some of those concrete blocks you see in the front there.  I thought I'd be sore this morning but not a bit!  I was so happy that I can still "lift and tote".  I did have a doctor comment once that I had really strong back muscles.  Now, if I could just transfer a few of them to my stomach! LOL!
This area had been covered with mulch more than once and the constant replacement cost and also the fact that it bleached out and looked terrible had me turning to pebbles.  I had also had some plastic edging to keep the mulch from washing down the drive way but that didn't work out either so I went to the concrete blocks.  I'll probably put containers out there for flowers but no sinks! LOL!  There's a solar fountain there but it doesn't work anymore either....I swear!  I spent good money on products that didn't last so from now on I make do with what I have.  Another thing is that I can't get any more landscaping supplies now that the weather is just getting perfect for working outside because Walmart stops carrying them in August!  Geez Louise!  I'll have to save my money this winter and buy a whole bunch come Spring to last me until Fall. Also, the same brand of rocks I bought the first time were tan colored and the new ones are more gray.  Huh?  Where's quality control when you need them?  
I managed to hang the ghosts out too.  I hope no one takes them!
Nitty was keeping an eye out................
along with her trusty sidekick, Annie
I shook and washed rugs yesterday too as we are supposed to get rain straight for like 3-5 days starting tonight and if you've ever tried to shake rugs during a rain storm you'll understand!
I didn't get any pictures of the lunar eclipse but I snapped these last night..........
 It was a gorgeous evening and I hated to go inside..........I wish I had a better camera or could it be the photographer?  See "the man in the moon"?  Yep, he was out there last night too!
I'm off to do some serious cooking and baking and there's "that kitchen project" too!  What are you up to today?
Happy Trails!



  1. Stealing an old sink, now that is both mean and desperate. Your project is looking good.

  2. I guess thieves will steal anything. We once had someone take a very large wreath from our trellis. Yesterday I read in a Facebook post that someone stole flowers off a grave. Some people are just mean.

    Sounds like you've been busy!

  3. Aww I love you fall too :)
    Hugs xx

  4. Such a mean thing to do. Your new are should be great.

  5. Meant that to read new garden area.

  6. Why in the world did they want a sink planted with flowers...some people. Yes listen to Nitty! Your project looks good! :)

  7. Nice work with the stones. I'm in my garden again today.

  8. Cool moon pics. How word, stealing a sink. Like really? Glad it was something minor and you weren't harmed in any way.


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