Sunday, August 24, 2014

YOP Week #8

This was a rough week....I got stung by a red wasp on my lower forehead which affected my eyes and sinuses.  Red wasps are very aggressive and this one hit me out of nowhere.  It is still swollen but I had no severe reaction.  Days before "the sting" I 'd been seeing this crow hanging around every time I went outside or looked outside.  We have crows here and I hear them "cawing" and I see them flying in groups but I rarely see them alone and this one had been hanging around for days.  Here it is on my neighbors fence.
The thought did cross my mind that it was a sign of some kind....I have to admit I thought maybe it was trying to tell me my days were numbered...true enough. Well, whether it was a sign or not I don't know but that very day my next door neighbor passed away just feet from me in his home.  He had been sick with bronchitis and had been to the doctor and gotten some inhalers but that day he called 911 but by the time they arrived he was gone.  There was an autopsy and they found 2 clots in his lungs which evidently are what took him so speedily.  He was only 63 and had moved here a year ago after retiring.  He was a peaceful, kind man who loved to sing especially with his choir at church and he was a good neighbor.  You will be missed Paul.
Despite what was going on I still had peaches calling my name.
This one looked like a self portrait after the wasp sting...........
I was right in the middle of blanching them when I got the news about Paul.
I did manage to get them all peeled, sliced and in the freezer...finally but I was pretty exhausted.  
So, needless to say I did not get a lot of fiber work done but I did finish my shawl except for weaving in ends and blocking.
I love it and it is probably one of my finest knitting accomplishments along with my 1 sock! LOL!
I love the color, the yarn, the style and I have definitely been bitten by the "shawl bug"!
I started the 2nd of 3 dishcloths for my son............
and another preemie hat.....

I went to Wal-mart yesterday.  I try not to go on weekends but I really needed some items and I had not had an opportunity to go so while I was there I picked up some more baby yarn for hats.
My eyes for my Lalylala "Bina" bear came in the mail and I chose ones that I thought were the appropriate size....unfortunately I put them on the wrong side....DUH!  Trust me...they are definitely safety eyes as I tried like the dickens to get them off and couldn't! LOL!  Oh well, I'll know better next time.
I hope you all had a good week and I'm sorry I haven't been around to visit this week. Hopefully this coming week will be kinder to all.  Happy Trails!


  1. Oops! Did you mean to not post anything? :)

  2. So very sorry to hear about your sting and your neighbor. Trying week indeed for many of us.

    Cheers for a better week and enjoy that beautiful shawl.

  3. That is so sad about your neighbor. And very sorry to hear about your wasp sting. Ouch! You made me laugh with the peach resemblance. Glad to see you continue to laugh despite difficulties. Your are keeping bush with yarn and that's a good thing. Have a good week. Tammy

  4. Hope you're feeling much better today, and so sorry for the loss of your friend and neighbour.

    The shawl is beautiful and with autumn just around the corner I'm sure it will keep you warm and cosy.

  5. Glad to hear you are recovering from the wasp sting and I am sorry to hear about your neighbor Paul...63 I guess I will start watching for crows:)

  6. I do hope your feeling better today after the sting and I'm sorry to hear about your neighbour and friend. The peach though sure did make me laugh. I love your shawl and can't wait to see the next one you start as you I know you will :)

  7. Oh drat! Sorry to hear about your wasp sting!! Ouch!

    I am truly sorry about your neighbor passing away too. Very sad.

    You've had a busy and full week, and yet I think you still accomplished so much!!!

    May this be a great week for you :)

  8. Ouch! That sting sounds very painful. I'm glad your reaction wasn't more severe. I do remember hearing that about crows too and I feel terrible about your neighbor. That is very young to be gone-especially after working your entire life and just retiring.
    I laughed at your peach resemblance photo. Hilarious. And you DID get a lot done this week despite all of the trials. Your shawl is beautiful.

  9. How sad about your neighbour, and sorry to hear about your wasp sting too!

    I like the shawl, and the peaches look yummy - it's making he hungry just looking at them...

  10. Sorry to hear you had a rough week! But those a really lovely projects. I hope this week is going to be better for you

  11. Sorry to read about your neighbor. He was young. And a wasp? Yikes! Ouchie too. Sorry it's been one thing after another for you. Take it easy. Glad you a shawl in. What a soothing color.

  12. Sorry to read about your neighbour, and how eerie about the lonely crow.

    Also sorry to hear about the sting! How awful! Hope you've recovered now..

    Nice how the peaches and fibers give a cheery ending at your post! :) You've been busy!


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