Friday, August 29, 2014

It's been a "bookish" day!

 Today was errand day and there were many.  First it was a drive to Ash Flat to the vet to get Nitty her monthly allergy shot and they were busy!  My vet doesn't do's walk in and sit down and sometimes you get right in and sometimes you don't.  Today was a long wait and Nitty was the biggest dog in the waiting room along with a bunch of tiny ones.  She wanted to play but they definitely didn't.  Nitty is a social butterfly but unfortunately many have watched t.v. and are frightened of Rottweillers but after sitting there together for quite awhile in the waiting room several stopped to pet her on their way out.  Evidently she had calmed their fears and we are educating people about Rottweillers one person at a time.  Dogs are like people....they need to be judged on an individual basis.
Next was the bank, the market and the Dollar store and then "on to the Library"!  YES!!!  I have a running list of books that I take with me and on it were some new ones that I wrote down from Diane at  Lavender Dreams  
We both belong to Good Reads where you can list all the books you've read and want to read and look at your friends books too.  There's also a useful tool that allows you to see what percentage of books you and your friends have in common.  Diane is the highest with 69% compatibility with my tastes in books.  I also noticed she belonged to a book club on Good Reads so I joined it too and now need to play catch  up.  I figured if Diane liked it I would too! 
This was one of the books on the book club list and it was the only one my library had.  I was able to order 2 others from the inter library lending program.
I've been making this artisan bread for years but when I saw this book I thought maybe I could learn some new recipes and/or techniques
The book on John Adams was a 5 star on Diane's list so I picked it up too.
  It had also been on my To Read list for quite some time but her rating confirmed that I definitely need to read this book!
Of course, there are always other tempting titles at the library so I picked up a few more........
I love books about women pioneers and homesteaders and I thought it looked very similar to a book that another blogger had recommended.
David Sedaris has been on NPR many times and makes me laugh so hard that I may have to read this in the bathroom just to play it safe.  His sister Amy is also funny but I don't know if she's written any books.

Now don't go thinking I am a heavy drinker...although once you read my book (which I have not started writing yet) you'll probably wonder why not. LOL!  But the writing thing keeps coming up front and center and although it's not something I relish or look forward too the urging won't leave me alone.  This one was recommended for writers and "wanna-be" writers so I grabbed it.
That was my day went fast and now we're having a nice thunderstorm which we needed so badly and it is perfect weather to curl up in bed with a good book....or several!
Happy Trails!


  1. I love the looks of that bread book. Artisan bread is so yummy. What is your username on Goodreads? I'm Kepanie.

  2. That's a whole lot of books. A friend here loves everything Jodi Picoult writes and I've yet to read one of her books. I read only one book this summer. Have a whole pile waiting for me. We are having extra humid weather lately so no walking. Definitely indoor weather. Lots of crocheting, though today I had to break down and do some cleaning, too. Ha! Have a great day. Tammy

  3. I loved the Homesteader book! I have already ordered two of the books you shared (from our library interloan program). I am looking forward to reading them.

  4. Thanks for mentioning me, my friend. I hope you like John Adams. Historical novels are a little hard to read sometimes...graphic and eye opening. But I read one from time to time to mix things up. I'm going to look for the one about the Homesteader lady. I love books about strong women in history. I think I'll read another mystery too. Enjoy your holiday weekend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. You are really going to like the John Adams book. I bought it at Sam's a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I love biographies and historical novels.



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