Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sharks, sharks, and more sharks!

My little grandson called me the other day all excited about school and he wanted to tell me about his new "shark" backpack and "shark" lunch box he got.  I told him Grandma got a "shark" too.  A new Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum!
 Just before my daughter's visit my vacuum cleaner broke down.  Why is it vacuum cleaners always break right before you have company?  I had to wait until after she visited before I could research and look into getting a new one.  I am very thorough when I buy something anymore.  I hit loads of reviews from different places and also compare models within brands as I have found certain models are better than others or they come out with a new model to fix problems they discovered with the previous model.  I finally decided on the Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum cleaner.
I was in such a hurry to try it out when it arrived that I forgot to take pictures before I started vacuuming and filling it with dirt! LOL!   Let me tell you I LOVE this vacuum!  It has a hepa filter, it is bag less and lightweight and feels self-propelled when you're doing carpeting.  It gets closer in to baseboards and corners than any vacuum I've ever owned and suction....whoa Nellie!  Previously I had an Oreck as it was recommended by the Arthritis Association for ease of use but they must have gotten kick back from Oreck as I have RA and it was no easy task pushing that behemoth around and it was supposed to pick up on non-carpeted floors also but it did a very poor job.  The Shark on the other hand is basically a Dyson except lots cheaper! I paid $147.60 total including shipping for this machine. It drives like a dream and my carpets which are really old and cruddy are looking better than ever before!  The only "bad" thing I can say about it is it tips over without the tank attached as in when you go to empty it and also the hose is very short when you use the "lift away" function but I can live with those minor infractions and I  may look into seeing if they have a hose extension which would take care of the one issue.
I am not getting paid (I wish) for this endorsement but when I find a great product I like to let everyone know.  I have wasted lots of money on bad products before and I've only had this for a week so if anything goes wrong I will let you know but so far this vacuum surpasses any other vacuum I've ever owned over all my years of vacuuming which are many!
I purchased this through QVC after researching models and prices at Wal-mart and Amazon and a few other places. 
My next "work place assistant" I'm looking into is the Shark Sonic Duo which scrubs carpet and plain floors like your sonic toothbrush cleans your teeth.  It has pads for different applications and it's own cleaning solutions and polishes.  The reviews so far are better on floors than carpet but all in all the reviews are high.  I think I'll wait awhile and bask in my new vacuum and maybe for my Christmas present to me I'll try the Sonic Duo.  As I age, I look more and more for tools to help me as my scrubbing floors on my hands and knees, or anything else for that matter, days are over.
Let me know if you have either of these products and what you think of them.
Happy Trails!


  1. So glad you are so happy with your appliance

  2. I have TWO Shark vacuum cleaners. One at home and one in our camping trailer. I think they work great and tell everyone. Glad you like yours too.

  3. Always nice when you invest in an appliance and it meets your expectations

  4. I have a steamer it is a it for the tile floor and the fact that it only used hot water not chemicals. I have tried the throw away pads but like the washable ones the best. It only cleans hard surface floors. I would give it a 9 out of 10 only because it doesn't run all by itself! Our vacumme is a heavy monster...our daughter Jen has a Dyson. She really likes it.

  5. When you have a vacuum, or any appliance that works well, it's so nice!

    I bought a new vacuum when we moved here to Mill Hill Meadow. It is a Hoover and one that is esp. made for pet hair.
    Considering our dog, Rowdy, is a hair ball, I needed something that really, really, worked to get the carpets clean. This vacuum does the job!!

    I am thinking I need something for the tile though, so you'll have to tell me how the shark steam cleaner works :)

  6. Your grandson is cute. Sharka are cool. And yay on getting a reliable product that does what it says. We need a lighter vacuum. The Fusion is freaking heavy. I vacuumed the whole apt a while ago and my arm was sore and I was exhausted.

  7. It's kind of sad that your previous vacuum got broken, but at least it gave you the opportunity to buy the Shark. I just hope that it holds up better than the previous one. Good luck!

    Larry Brannon @ Leonard Brush And Chemical


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