Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday!

I really do love to re-purpose and not waste things but this might have been a bit much.  I made my own wrapping paper out of newspaper.  I must admit I had fun but there was the newsprint that gets all over your hands and any thing you touch.  Maybe that's why people used the comics years ago.....not newsprint.

I have a little sponge on a stick that made the paint dots.  I bought my SIL, Tracy, a space pen and some of these great Field Notes that I heard about from Annie at Knitsofacto and I think he will really like them.  Heck, I would like them too.  I got him the Country Fair ones for Iowa since that's where he lives with my daughter and grandchildren.  It's a very belated birthday gift.
So, after wrapping and packing 2 big boxes full of presents for 3 birthday "boys", I rode off to the post office to mail them and paid $30.00 to ship them!  It's a good thing I didn't spend any money on wrapping paper! LOL!  I got cards at the Dollar store for .50 a piece and I can't make them for that price.  I'm certain they will get there by their birthdays now so I can sleep well.  Next year it will be shipping from Amazon and paying for their gift wrapping service.  The giraffes didn't make it yet nor did the cookies but they can be sent and appreciated any time.  I just wanted to ensure they had something on their birth day.   I only wish I could be there to help them celebrate.  Now, I have to go get ready for the other 2 birthdays at the end of this month! LOL!
Happy Trails!


  1. Wow, isn't shipping obscene?
    I went to Amazon gifts now too or gift cards, it's so much smarter.
    You did take time to pick a special gift and that does mean a lot to the receiver, so sometimes it's worth the splurge!

  2. Super cute.
    Shipping is going up, just like everything else.... *ouch**!

    I'm certain that they will LOVE receiving your presents and LOVE that you are thinking of them :)

  3. Your gift ideas will be welcomed.
    I mail a lot of books as gifts and I tell the Post Office to mail it media rate, often it costs $2.50 to mail a book. I don't know if your gift qualifies as a book, but keep it in mind; mailing a book by Post Office is a bargain.

  4. Very creative wrapping paper! Sometimes UPS is cheaper that the USPS. :)

  5. Recycling at it's best Sam. Very creative. Just imagine the excitement when they open their presents. We all spend money on wrapping paper when it usually ends up in the bin ! What a good idea. Take care now. Sussexmouse Marion x

  6. Such lovely gift ideas! I really love how you decorated the wrapping paper, it is gorgeous!
    Just catching up here, and happy to hear the sweet story of your daughter now being able to visit you....and you seeing the magical rainbow :) Wishing you lots more happy times.
    Helen xox

  7. We love to recycle newsprint for wrapping paper. Cute!

  8. Don't laugh,, I always 'gift wrap' the outside of my mailing box/package that I am sending off in the mail. I like to think it will brighten both the mail carrier and the gift recipient's day! plus I think it is just plain old cute... and I have noticed that over patron's at the post office smile when they see the decorated package to be sent...

  9. Little boys won't care as they'll be too busy treating those present open.


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