Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th to all and may your fireworks not fizzle!

I finished the pickle making yesterday.  Here are the  Green beans and peaches!

Gardening used to be it's just plain smart! LOL!
Happy Birthday to my country and all it's citizens...........
When I was a little girl the 4th of July was big...really big!  There was the parade, band concerts, fireworks and picnicing was mandatory down by the river.  Here's a picture of the parade when my mother was a little girl, or earlier......probably early 1900's in my home town.  Look at this picture and then look at the one I have on the right hand side of my blog of the same street.  Below it was still a dirt's paved now.  Other than that and the models of cars, not much has changed.  My cousins invited me but alas, I can't make it but I hope they all have a wonderful time in that same old tradition of celebrating our country's Independence Day.  I miss you all!
Happy Trails and stay safe on this holiday weekend.


  1. Happy 4th of July to you. Have fun and keep safe.

  2. What a wonderful old photo of your home town. Mine was destroyed in a tornado a few years ago but I should look at a google view and see what it looks like now. Your pickles look so good....makes my mouth water. I wrote you again. Did you get it? Happy 4th! Hugs, Diane

  3. Happy 4th of July! Your pickles look perfect!!

  4. Happy 4th!! Love that old photo! Your pickles look great! :)

  5. Hope you had a spectacular 4th... :>)
    I am remiss for not having done any canning in,,, oh my!... 2 years! yikes!
    I miss my Bread & Butter pickles, Salsa and stewed apricots, not to mention jams..
    I hope next year will be my year to have my 'Victory Garden' up and going... but for now just to many things going on with moving and trying to get this place back into shape.... lol!
    (insert "lazy procrastinator"!
    Maybe I will hit the Farmers Market and pick up a few things so that I can...'can'... I read an article that was about canning.. but in smaller batches... which I think I will do.... especially beets! I always ended up w/a gazillion jars of beets... & I don't like beets! lol! but hubby does,,, so I make them for him.

  6. Hope you had a good Fourth. I have never done any canning myself. My mother used to can lots of tomatoes and green beans from our garden. We can't grow vegetables in our yard (too shady) but I sure miss my mom's canned produce.


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