Friday, June 6, 2014

Lots to blog about..........

On my walk the other day I found this dead in the middle of the street about a block from my house....
I'm thinking it was a diamond back rattlesnake.  I did a lot of 'cropping" so I didn't gross anyone out as it had been run over several times.  The city has been mowing parkways and I think it stirred them up.  I've been here 10 years and it's the first time I've seen one.  I know there are a lot of snakes in Arkansas but usually if they hear you coming they get out of your way.
On a brighter note, storms rolled through yesterday and washed it all was totally gone today.  The storms were pretty severe but no damage here that I could see other than tree limbs.
  It was pretty humid this morning on our walk and there are more storms coming....
I got treasures in the mail too.....these are books that have been on my list all year for next year's Year of Projects 2014/15 which starts in July!  So, project planning is in the works and the supplies will need to be ordered also. 
I pretty much want to make everything in this book..........
The blanket on the cover of this book is a definite project............
This book has the pattern "Lacy Blocks" which you have probably seen in some of my's a yellow crocheted blanket that looks like it is blocks but it is really all one piece.
 It is a wonderful blanket and the best t.v. watching project ever!  I've made several and never tire of making them but I lost my pattern thus I had to order the book.
I also ordered this little pamphlet as it contains a pattern for a baby size "Lacy Blocks".
And last but not least...........I've wanted this one for ages now........
This is a story book AND it contains the knitting patterns for Spud (the lamb) and Chloe (the girl) and more farm accessories and animals.  Aren't they just the cutest?  Have any of you made Susan B. Anderson's toys?  I'm making her giraffe and also her sock pattern and taking a craftsy class from her about the giraffe.  She has a website, Susan B. Anderson that is such a great blog with lots of drawings and links to other great sites.  If you're a knitter or a spinner you should really check her out!  She's talented, very nice and she has podcasts.
I got all these books used except for the Mollie Makes book so it wasn't as costly as it looks...thank goodness!
The thunder is starting to rumble so I better get off of here!  Happy Trails!


  1. Spud the lamb is darling and I see you have a busy year of projects ahead. That snake skin is rather handsome, isn't it?

  2. Your nature walks are wonderful.

  3. I think I've borrowed on of those books from the library before. Thanks for sharing them all.

  4. It's a copperhead. Venomous, but not usually DEADLY to humans, and a very non-confrontational nature. Most bites occur when someone accidentally steps on them as their main defense is their leaf-like camouflage, so they lay still and wait for you to go away. Of course, if you (or dogs) mess with them they may strike. So wear shoes, ha!

  5. Nice flowers and views, but yikes on the snake! We just got back from our place in Florida. Day one, I walked out the door and turned to speak to our son. He said, "Snake." I heard a faint rustle, but didn't even see the 3-foot black racer that shot right past my shoe. It had been sunning under our door. I think it's good I didn't see it. Even though I know racers are harmless, I don't like snakes!


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