Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday

This weather has been good for me....forcing me to stay inside and face my WIPs! LOL!  and here they was actually snowing when I got up this morning
Last night I washed and blocked the scarf for my daughter.  I had 2 towels underneath it and laid it out on a blanket chest and I still had to double it over on itself.  See where the white pins are in the middle.....I didn't realize how long it was.
The snow stopped and the sun broke through but it never got out of the 20's today.  It was really pretty with the ice coating everything.  I don't think there's been mail delivery or school or anything.  I didn't see a car go by all day. 
So, back to my list of WIP's and the FIFO method (first in first out) as opposed to LIFO (last in first out)...those were terms used in queue theory back when I was a computer person before I retired but I digress.  This wall hanging/grow chart quilt has been crying to be finished before the grandchild is too tall to use it!  I've forgotten many of the techniques so I had to refresh my skills before going back at it.  I am making the backing by piecing the material together that matches the front.  If it wasn't for the darn salvages I would have had enough to just have 1 seam down the middle but alas I ended up doing quite a bit of "fiddling" and I haven't even sat down to sew yet.  I did get a new blade a few weeks ago so that's making things much easier.
Here's the right side of the fabric
I also found a REALLY long tape measure that is coming in very handy.  This is the back of the quilt front.
Here's the picture from the McCall's magazine where the pattern came from. I have no idea what happened to the top of that picture?

I'm making steady progress On my giraffe too...heading towards the neck!
I have many more WIPs to go though.....the bottom green dotted material is a big bag that I am quilting the material myself before sewing it into a bag.  The pattern called for quilted material but I couldn't find any I liked at the time so I decided to pre-quilt the material and then sew the bag together.  It needs to be sturdy as it will be big enough to hold my cutting mat and quilting rulers.
The leaf material is the back of my first quilt that I made in my beginning quilting class.  It's been machine quilted and just needs to be bound. The blue material is all washed and ready to be made into pajamas for MOI. There are many more projects in containers and behind closed doors so I won't be running out of things to post on Wednesdays for sure!
I feel good though that I have at least begun to make some progress.  And to all my WIP's I have this to say to you.......... 

Happy Trails!


  1. I always think I am in charge, and then my heart goes off and decides to cast on two new knit projects. The brain will never win against the heart!!! LOL Love the projects.

  2. I am steadily working on lots of little projects too...might as well with weather like this.

    I like so many of the things you've made! Keep up the good work.


  3. You have many WIPS's, I'm sure you enjoy it to work on all off the projects:)

  4. Loved seeing all your wip's, Sam! Love the quilt! Wintry weather is the perfect time to get working on your crafty wip's isn't it!?
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xx

  5. Ack..I have to many WIPs to count. Good weather to work on them! I hope you have a warm weekend! :)

  6. Looks like you have lots of winter projects to work on....perfect with the snow.


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