Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow!!!! My favorite precipitation!

 I was in my element yesterday.  It was a "perfect" storm for me  but I didn't have to go out in it either.
 A perfect day for tea and a good book..........
 candles and hot dips............
 some handwork............
 and FOOTBALL!  Although it was not an exciting game to watch at least I didn't feel bad when I flipped the channel to watch Doc Martin and Downton Abbey. LOL!
 Today the sun came out and my Nitty girl was in her glory......she loves the snow!

 As you can see it was pretty deep out there.....
I hope everyone is safe and warm and happy wherever you are......Happy Trails!


  1. We got that snow today and Panzer had a blast!

  2. What do you mean it wasn't an exciting game? The Seahawks had one amazing play after another!!! :) Seattle is still celebrating! Love your snow!

  3. Nitty is looking good..she is a cancer survivor now! I can see some snow sparkles..enjoy:)

  4. I reeMember how much our cat enjoyed the snow but we very seldom get it normally just melts and rains instead. What are hot dips? I am intrigued....enjoy your snow and knowing you can stay in!

  5. We will be getting more snow today. A few of our dogs love the snow too, but the goats hate it. Stay warm.

  6. Well, I'm glad someone is enjoying all this winter snow~~LOL!!
    I am DONE with winter!!
    Took me about an hour to make a 22 mile round trip. Some cars had slid off the road, and the highway patrol was out in force to help those motorist.

    Praying for sunshine :)

    Have fun romping in the snow Nitty!


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