Sunday, February 9, 2014

YOP Sunday

What a great week this has been to be trapped inside! LOL! It's icy out there and there have been no sand trucks or plowing done here.  The garbage hasn't been picked up for a week and I don't think they've delivered any mail either.  It's beginning to melt now as we are finally above freezing but meanwhile I've been getting things done and the Olympics are on too!
I started off the day with some cinnamon rolls to give me energy to blog! LOL!
I finished the cross stitch portion of the book mark.  Now I need to sew a backing and tea dye it. 

I washed and blocked the scarf for my daughter and it's ready to send off.

This is the giraffe in progress....I'm up to the neck now and ready to close off and stuff and then the appendages are after that........

I finally pieced together the backing for my grandson's wall hanging/grow chart and I'm ready to "sandwich" and pin baste next.
My one son received his hat in the mail and loved it.....what's not to love when it's -10 F.  I also included some O'Keefe's hand cream and a bag of 15 bean soup.....sort of a Winter Warmup package.
The hat for my other son is on the decreases now so it will probably get done by today and then I can send his package off later this week as tomorrow and Tuesday we are supposed to get more snow!
I need to do some crochet for a change or in conjunction with the knitting and I found just the project!  Not that I need another one but when you see something that takes your breath away you just have to give's your soul speaking to you! This came by way of in the person....who posted about this last week.........(be still my beating heart).  This is her version and after researching others I still think hers is my favorite.
 This is Emily's version.........

This is the original version...........
And this is the book "from whence they came".............the pattern is by Doris Chan but came out of a book by Kim Werker.
So, "needles" to say, I need supplies!!!  So this week I will be placing an order (and putting a second mortgage on the, just kidding) and I do needs lots!  I have nothing in the baby yarn category or baby fleece category to make anything for the Preemie Project.  Since way before Christmas I've only been working on gift items it seems but hopefully once I get supplies in I can balance projects better as in my "round robin" plan of  making something to gift, something to give and then something for me.
I hope you are all doing great and the warmup is really is!  Happy trails until we meet again..........


  1. Oh, no mail or plowing or sand?! I hope you were well supplied with food :) Sounds very cosy though if the necessities are sorted.

    That blanket looks lovely, will be fun to see your version of it :)

  2. It sounds like you have far too much to do to go out even if you could get out! So many lovely knitting projects, and i love the look of the planned crochet blanket too!
    Keep warm Sam and enjoy all your creativity!
    Gill xx

  3. Hmm, those cinnamon rolls are making me hungry! I can almost smell them through the screen.

    Love the starry blanket, although I think Emily's version is my fave. I wonder if my local library has that book?

  4. You are so talented and so sweet to share with your family and friends. I hope you get some pretty supplies to make something for yourself this week! Hugs!

  5. What a busy lady you have been... lots of pretties to share with all of us, and your family! How lucky the recipients are! Emily's version is my favorite as well... looks like a lot of work. Hope you get those supplies soon! Do you ever sleep???

  6. Oh my you have been busy, loving the whole array of projects on the go this week. I to think that blanket is just darling and I really can't wait to see it done up. Stay warm this week.

  7. I'd like some of your snow and you'd probably like some of our heat. Those cinnamon rolls look too yummy to resist.
    Beautiful projects too.

  8. Well Miss! You have been quite busy and what a lot of lovely you have shared with us. Your cinnamon rolls look heavenly and I could use one right now as I have a craving for something sweet. I am sorry you have been so snowed in--what a wicked winter so many people have had--but not us. Our winter has been quite boring. Faith's version of the blanket is my favorite too--thank goodness for mail order yarn, huh? Stay warm, and dry and safe.

  9. Yay for getting to stay inside with so much creativity! Cuz boy you have lots! Your giraffe is coming along great, and those cinnamon rolls look yummy! Your sons are lucky to have a mom who gives the right presents at the right time!

  10. As always, you have a lot of fun. The rolls look delicious.

  11. *drooling over your cinnamon rolls* You have some great finishes this week! Any rolls left?

  12. So many projects - fantastic if you have your supplies, it sounds like heaven. The cinnamon rolls look yummy - a bit like our Chelsea buns. Faiths blanket is my favourite too.

  13. Such an energetic person. I love that you are getting things done. I wish I could follow your example but alas, I am such a lazy person I can't see to get a handle on anything.

    Love the afghan. I'm sure yours will be gorgeous.

    Stay warm. Looks like we will be getting some snow here Wednesday and Thursday. BRRRRR.


  14. My goodness.. you are certainly a cheerful woman! I'm so glad!!
    You put a smile on my face, just reading your posts, seeing your pictures, and reading all about your crafting plans.

    I feel like a slacker.
    I curl up with the rice bag, watch the Olympics and give thanks that Spring really is on it's way!!

    Happy day, my friend.


  15. Now I really want to crochet ~ I love that blanket!! Time to get learning!


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