Sunday, September 1, 2013

YOP Sunday

I know I told you last week I probably wouldn't be blogging because of company being here but son ended up having oral surgery so it was not to be!  He's fine other than a little swollen and uncomfortable but I was able to Skype with him and my grandson last night which was really nice.  I told my grandson I was sending him a "care" package since he couldn't come to Grandma's house and his eyes lit up so hopefully he'll enjoy what I send him.
So, since they weren't coming I worked on a Bunny Buddy for him which will be worked on today and finished so I can mail it with some other things on Tuesday.  It might be a bit young for him but it's filled with Grandma's love so that can't be bad!  BTW...this is the crocheted version.  There are 2 patterns; one for crochet and one for knitted.  It's from Lion Brand and I used Bernat Velvetspun yarn with a K hook.  The yarn is a dream to work with and does feel like velvet!  I got it at Wal-Mart for less than $3 and it only takes one skein!  Great budget gift!  I only wish it came in other colors besides a nice gray or know....rabbit colors! LOL!

 I didn't finish my hook holder but I did manage to get one edge done in the purple.
   The scarf looks the same....just longer! LOL!  I was able to find another skein in the same lot number at Wal-Mart this past week so hurray for that!
I managed to cast on another washcoth too....I SO love casting on and starting new projects!

I also found some really nice patterns and designers for toys and thought I would share with you as there are so many cute ones out there in case you hadn't seen these.  I would have cast on one of these but I need to order some DPN's in sizes I don't have.  My favorite so far when it comes to toys is Rabbit Hole Knits and then there's Wendy Phillips 
and Vendula Maderska
I'll be by later to see what everyone's been up to!  I'm doing a happy dance this morning as it is pouring rain outside and I don't have to go out and water early as I've been doing for the past month or more in this heat we've had here!  The rain is bringing in a cool front supposedly and what a gift for the first day of September!  Yippee!  Plus, football has started and Fall is coming!  I love Fall and Winter best especially down here in the South where it's too hot to enjoy the Summer.   Although I must admit, it really wasn't too bad this year until August.  Have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone that's celebrating it and the rest of you have a great weekend too!


  1. Sorry you've missed your visitors but hurray for rain. Just last week the local radio was on about our "end of summer drought" when it started to rain. It rained on and off for two days, sometimes heavily and nobody's saying the "drought" word any more :)

    Looks like that Lion Brand yarn is the perfect match for your project. Just can't beat that kind of stuff for snuggly-ness!

  2. Nice scarf! All of you projects look great!!

  3. Oh I am sorry you didn't get to see your grandson :-( Hopefully soon.
    All of your projects look great I love the colours of that dishcloth!! It's great that you got such nice yarn at discount prices :-)

  4. Loving the bunny buddy! Hope your son is feeling better now xx

  5. Vendula Maderska makes awesome patterns! I haven't actually tried hooking them yet. If you start one I might be inspired to try it, finally ^^

  6. Glad your son is doing well. Oral surgery is no fun as I know from the five I've had. Glad you could at least Skype with your grandson. You're making wonderful progress here. It's terrific.

  7. I'm sorry to hear that your son and grandson couldn't come and good to hear he's ok all be it sore and swollen. I'm sure your grandson will love any care package you send after all it's coming from grandma ! The bunny buddy is cute and your scarf is looking lovely, I love that pattern. Thanks for the links, the third designer I've already got my eye on several of her pieces, she has some wonderful designs. Glad it's raining and that you get to stay indoors, enjoy some crafting time.

  8. Hope your son feels better soon. Dental surgery is just awful.

  9. Hi Sam! Coming from one Grandma to another, I know how disappointing must have been to have the visit cancelled--but thank goodness for Sype, right? :) It sounds like you have had a productive week and I am glad you were able to find more yarn for the scarf as I think the longer the better!
    Our summer has been gorgeous for he most part--unusually warm with very long dry stretches. But when the rain has come in, it has not been cooling off much so we are getting a lot more humidity which I personally cannot tolerate. There are days it has felt like the Midwest around here. I am so looking forward to Fall--it is my favorite season and I am always ready for the summer to be over and have a change when it arrives. I can't wait to get out the Fall decorations and candles and such--I like a cozy house!
    Have a super week--and I am sure your Grandson will love his care package filled with love. My girlies love it when I send one too!

  10. I think Grandma's love is the best present, and I bet that bunny buddy is really well loved! And I love the yarn for your washcloth, very bright and cheerful.

  11. I think Grandma's love is the best present, and I bet that bunny buddy is really well loved! And I love the yarn for your washcloth, very bright and cheerful.


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