Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I only have 2 WIP right now.....key word being progress! LOL!  I have lots of other projects unfinished....LOTS!  But these are the ones that I'm actually picking up right now.  This is my bunting from the crochet book I am working through.  The basic triangle is done and one is completed which I noticed I placed with wrong side up in the picture.  I just have to edge the others and crochet together.  Hopefully I'll have an FO by Friday!
Below is a Christmas present I'm working on.  It is the first time I have knit cables and Ruth, they ARE fun!  Who knew!?!?!  It's turning out great I think and although right now it seems like it could be more of a rug than a scarf, it is soft and pliable but is stiff on the sticks.  I am using Lion Brand Wool-Ease, a Super Bulky I got at Wal-Mart and it is so nice.  I bought 3 skeins so that is how big the scarf will be! LOL!  I'm using size 10/6mm needles for it.  It is the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern free on Ravelry.  I'll be making a matching hat too. 
   That's all for this week so far.  I have to go visit and see what you all have been up to!  Be sure and click on the WIP button on the right side of my blog to see what everyone else is making.  TTYL!


  1. Your scarf looks nice and cozy! Love the color :)

  2. I love cables! Especially with a nice squishy yarn. So much fun to knit!

  3. Your cable work looks lovely, I look forward to seeing the scarf and the cap completed. Someone will be very lucky indeed :)
    Marigolds' Loft

  4. I was a bit scared of cables until I knitted a couple of cabled cowls last year. Then I realised I really enjoyed doing them and the effect is so worth it. Your scarf looks so neat and lovely n cosy! Your bunting is very pretty. Spencer says hi! X

  5. Cable work....that would be a next stop for me. It looks great by the way.


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