Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Reading Material and a couple great links!

Still slogging away on this...another crrrrrazzy book unless I'm crazy and therefore nothing normal makes sense to me?  I'm on page 308 so you'd think by now there would be some semblance of a plot or a storyline of some kind?  How much do they have to pay these people to write these glowing recommendations on the covers?  From now on I'm not trusting them or anyone  under 50 who recommends a book to me! LOL!  Maybe I spent too many years reading computer manuals?  I understood them but this?  Not so much.
Did I tell you I finished this one last week?   Another good mystery by Maggie Sefton.  If you like knitting, yarn shops, Colorado, mysteries (but not gore or extreme violence), and recipes and feeling like you belong to their "group", you will love her books.  They are what I call "cozy".  In fact, if you want lots of "cozy" book titles visit Cozy Mystery and she also has a blog which is interesting.  I like it too because you can discover new authors and also get lists of their books in order and see what you might have missed!
This book is turning out to be quite interesting and well-written.  This girl had guts for her age or were we all brave when we didn't know how scary the world can really be?  I remember I wanted to bike across the U.S. with my dog during the Summer between high school and college but my parents wouldn't hear of it.  I could not understand what THEIR problem was! LOL!  Actually, I still think it's a great idea but maybe with a group of friends...not solo.

I finally finished listening to Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson.  This was very good and a tear jerker!  I highly recommend it as it is a great story and I still can't get over the fact that James Patterson wrote it!  I only listen to audio books when I have things to do that are boring enough that I can listen and do what I'm doing....such as ironing, some needlework, and house cleaning for sure! LOL!  This one is a "keeper" for me also and goes in my "special" bookcase.  This audio has 4 cd's and was $34.00 new....I got it at the Thrift Store for less than $2.00.  Don't forget to check your localThrift Stores for books and cd's.  Once I got a whole bunch  of PBS video tapes, travel ones, and audio books of Agatha Christie and other great mystery writers.  I thought I'd died and gone to heaven....some were only $.50!
  Here's the next audio I will be listening too.  This was from a library sale.  I never pay full price if I don't have to unless it's special and there are lots of those too.
There was a great list of books I ran across today of " 32 books that will actually change your life".....not so sure about "change" but maybe books you will never forget?  I've read a few on it, a few I've started and not finished and a few I would probably never read but here's the list in case your interested.  I LOVE book lists!  I will try and find one to include each week as I can't possibly read fast enough to hold anyone's interest! LOL!  Have a great week everyone and "Stay Calm and Read On"!


  1. I read the James Patterson and Watership Down, both awhile ago, but remember liking them. Thanks for the Maggie Sefton title; I will have to go check out her work and see about reading one. Thanks for the informative post!

  2. I'm still reading Letter of a Woman Homesteader - savoring every bit of it. These look like they be great books to read.


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