Sunday, August 18, 2013

YOP Sunday

Say goodbye to Blackberry Salad blankie...for awhile anyway.  Remember last week when I said it really wasn't crooked on the end of the blanket?  Well, I was looking through the camera lens and I really did believe in my heart of hearts that I had just stretched it when I laid it out to take the picture.  In fact, I went on this last week to do several more rows and then I decided to weave in the threads on the end that was when I noticed the HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE edge of the blanket!  Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Here it is in all it's miserableness...........what the heck?????  I must not have seen it for all the ends that were hanging there before I wove them in.  Anyway, I am putting it "aside" for now and maybe forever as I have had way too many failures in the needlework area lately.  I chose to believe that I am supposed to be doing other things as the pc has been crashing a lot too.  So, I did landscaping and cleaning and clearing and decluttering and I must say it's a good feeling!  The guest room is almost ready for my guests and I'm waiting for the Warm and Natural quilt batting to arrive as I could not bring myself to use the stuff from Walmart....pure chemicals.  I have decided that when I have a heartbreaking and disappointing failure that I will get back in the saddle by starting a new project!~   LOL!  Who doesn't love to "move on" to something better?  Tear off those rear view mirrors and don't look back!

So, on that note I bring you my crocheted bunting.....not done but having fun doing it!

  The one in the middle is done and then I decided to do all 6 of the triangles and then crochet their edgings and then crochet them all together....bunting style!  One of my projects this year is to crochet everything in this book...........

I was going to go in order but the first project is a huge blanket of small Granny Squares which I am starting but which will take a long, long time so while doing the squares I thought I would continue through the book and the next project is the bunting.  
I also started on Christmas presents which will accomplish both a present and learning cables at the same time.  This is Lion Brand Wool-Ease which I found at Wal-mart and I love it.  It is Super Chunky yarn and I am doing an Irish Hiking Scarf and hat to match.  So far, so good!  You knew I couldn't totally put the sticks down and lose my knitting edge? LOL!  The picture doesn't show it but I've actually done a row of the cable stitches since I took that picture and no problem so far.  I did find that it was easier to use a DPN as opposed to a cable needle to hold the cable stitches.  I also adore my Lantern Moon wooden needles.  I think the dark heathered gray and black yarn will also help me not be so knit-picky (bad pun) about my stitches and will hide any sins I make along the way.  The yarn is soft yet feels like wool and is machine washable and dryable which is good because it is a gift for one of my sons who would machine wash and dry it regardless! LOL!  They don't read my blog so I don't think I have to worry about them finding out.
I hope you had a great week and please say a prayer that I don't mess up these new projects! LOL!  

P.S.  BTW, my pc is having REAL heats up because the fan no longer works and then it shuts down (better than starting a fire...thank you) but it does it a lot and that is why I am not blogging or reading as much.  It crashed 3 times while writing this blog!  So, please don't take offense if I haven't been by or commented.  I'm trying but after awhile I give up and go do other things which in many ways is a good thing!  Ha! Ha!  TTYL if my pc stays up!


  1. Grr to the blackberry that must have been so annoying. Totally love the bunting, I won't be doing mine until after Xmas at the rate my to do pile is looking. I knew you couldn't lay down the sticks completely and you've picked a lovely scarf pattern in such a pretty yarn. I did have to laugh at the fact of it being washed regardless, guess its a totally good thing you picked that yarn so lol. Hope you PC stays up a while.

  2. Make a scarf out of the Blackberry..make it a double scarf and tuck in the uneven ends to the inside and no one will ever know...but they will admire your scarf...better yet do a give away and sign me up! :)

  3. I think your blackberry salad blankie is still beautiful. It's handmade and it has handmade character! It's horrible when projects you've spent ages working on dont turn out how we expected. Your bunting is looking prettier than ever! X

  4. Oh how annoying about blackberry salad! I would say, when it's been in time out for a while, the you should remember that blocking hides all sins! The edge might well block out straight in the end! And looking forward to seeing the cabled scarf, looking good so far.


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