Sunday, March 24, 2013

YOP Update

Okay, I am finally going to give full disclosure on my complete list of projects.  I tried just copying it in here but that did not work!  So, I will commence typing.....

Projects Finished:
1.  Crocheted potholders -  I've made about 4 or 5 of these and I had just one on my list but they're so nice and thick that I continually make them in between other projects.
2.  Crocheted Granny Stripe table runner 
3.  2 Crocheted Rock Covers
4.  1 pair of knitted socks but I've made 2 now.  This will be ongoing as I want to learn different types and styles.  There will be lots of socks on next year's YOP list!
5.  Knitted Cotton Bath Mat
6.  Set of 3 Knitted Dish Towels

1.  Blackberry Salad Crocheted blanket

No measurable progress.......yet

1.  Everyday Crocheted Edgings by Susan Lowman - I had to order the magazine for this one and I have it.  I really wanted to edge pillowcases but I wanted to make the pillowcases first which I don't even have the material for yet.  I do have some items I may practice on but I went around in circles about yarns, weights, and wash ability and shrinkage as these will be edgings attached to items that will be washed so I didn't want to go to all that work and have the crocheted edging shrink on me.  Oh, what a tangled web...literally!  I am thinking I will just try some regular acrylic I have on hand to start with so hopefully I can get going on this one.
2.  Pinata Bag - I haven't even downloaded the pattern on this one yet.
3.   Cherry Jam - This pattern is in a book I have to order still.  I want to use it for shelf edging eventually.  I LOVE cherries!
4.  Seeing Stars Blanket  I love this Spud and Chloe pattern and I want to make it in their sweater yarn but I would have to win the lottery first to afford their yarn in that quantity!  Any less expensive yarn out there that is equivalent?
5.  Stripey Spring Crocheted Rug - Again, here I go with my washable, durable, other colors and non-shrinkable  demands!
6.  Babette Blanket - LOVE!!!!! (Sung in an operatic voice by a true alto).  I adore this blanket and it would be a great stash-buster but I don't really have one yet but I'm working on it!  In fact, looking around I have baskets of yarn everywhere!  What was I thinking?  I have STASH!!!!!  Yay!!!!   Yippee!!!!!
7.   Tornado Twist Crocheted Cowl - Okay, now I am running into logic problems with some of these projects....I figured it would cost me upwards of $60.00 - $75.00 to make this as suggested.  I buy my clothes at the thrift store so why would I wear an expensive cowl?  Plus, I am a practical gal...I wanted a cowl to keep my neck warm but not be restrictive like turtlenecks.  Do you have to be wealthy to do this?  I must have not been paying attention during that announcement!  I know there's very good and valid reasons for buying "pure" fibers but this is exactly why so many of us use acrylics.....we can have our yarn and still buy food! LOL!  This is a lot of the reason I have slowed down on my projects.  I will definitely make next year's list with cost in mind.
8.Situpons  -  I have the pattern but I don't have any Super Bulky yarn yet.   I wanted to make one to see if they would make good chair pads and if so I would make them for my kitchen chairs.  They could also be used for place mats or candle mats.  I thought of using DK weight that I have but I'm afraid they wouldn't be "cushy" enough.

That's it folks!  MY YOP list in full disclosure!  Now, below are the actual things I worked on this week...none of which were on my list for YOP but fun none the less!
 My little cape for  Miss Maggie (she's a stuffed bunny, or will be when I get done....No, not a REAL stuffed bunny....a fabric one you silly!)   These pics are re-posts from the other day when I forgot about Sunday YOP forgive me if you're a "regular" to my blog and have seen these before.  I don't mind saying I was mighty pleased with the outcome!   It was so much fun to knit too...I could do this kind of knitting forever!

 I also found a free pattern at Rowan for these cute chickens which I started making for Easter and Spring you know.....I had to do something since I totally made nothing Christmasy or for Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day for that matter!   I think I am finally getting the hang of this "knitting" thing and really starting to enjoy it....I've even stopped gritting my teeth and biting my lip while knitting! LOL!

Plus, I read Mason-Dixon Knitting from cover to cover and want to make the entire book!  You'll see lots of their projects on my list next year!  I have to get their other book too!  Yikes Batman!  Is there anything else out there I should know about before next year's list rolls around?
And take a look at these beauties!  Not only is it a great sock pattern but will ya look at that yarn????  I am over the moon for it and will hunt it down until it is mine!

If anyone has any information leading to the apprehension obtaining of this yarn you are obliged to notify me IMMEDIATELY!  The pattern is Hudson Valley Winter Socks by Jill Draper on Ravelry but those pictures don't show this color yarn.  I love this pattern because the toe and heel are separate since they are the first parts to wear out and you can actually knit new ones for them if they do!  Genius!  Of course I have no idea how that is done but I'm figuring by the time I make them and they wear out I'll have plenty of time to figure it out.  So, there you have it.....true confessions of a YOP'er who fell off the wagon but hopefully will get back on before next week!  TTYS!  Have a great week!



  1. Whew...impressive list both are the done side and to do side. What do you do with the covered rocks? I know what you mean about the cost of some of these fibers...too much. Maybe something in the sale area through Herrschners?

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  3. Hi Sam!
    I love your projects--especially the chickens. I have a different chicken pattern on my list this year, but I am thinking my Grandy's bunnies are going to be the death of me and may kill all desire to knit little creatures.
    Regarding your yarn dilemna--have you looked at Cascade Yarns? They are pretty affordable, knit up well, and have all weights. Cascade is my work horse yarn. I have also found Knit Picks to be affordable and Quince & Co.
    My all time favorite yarn is Myra's Fancy Image Yarns. She hand dyes it and at $18.95 a skein of 250 yards, I don't think that is too bad of cost for the quality of the yarn and the beautiful hand dye job she does. She has recently begun to dye sock yarn too. Her website is
    Have a great week--my yop post will be up tomorrow.

  4. Yarn expense can be a dilemma..Webs has some of their store brand Hudson Valley that is comparable to more expensive yarns...impressive list...

  5. Oh and you asked on my blog...a RAOK (was mispelled) is a Random Act of Kindness. And the Learn to Knit I am using is a book...

  6. You are going to stay busy for a while!

  7. Thats a fantastic list and you are making great headway through it. I've been looking at the babette blanket and wondering if its something my crochet skills could manage for next years list ? I love those chickens and have seen them floating around on facebook, I bookmarked them with the hope of doing them but no time this year I'm afraid. I can't help with the yarn I'm afraid. I love shopping from Deramores also, they are so quick to me here in Ireland also and I love the wide range they have.

  8. I use a lot of knitpicks yarn because of it's quality and affordablity. Webs ( is a good place to find affordable yarn too. If you find spud and chloe that is affordable, let me know, I'd love to try some!

  9. ooh those chicks are gorgeous, I'm going straight to Rowan to have a little look!!! Have a creative monday xx

  10. I second the suggestion of looking into Cascade Yarns-- they tend to have a lower price point, and come in comparable blends to some of the higher end yarns (for instance, I'm pretty sure they have something that's similar to Spud & Chloe, a wool and cotton worsted weight, 2-ply). I think they also distribute Encore, which is a good deal.

    Also, WEBS gives discounts if you order a lot at a time, so if you can save and order all at once, the savings can be significant-- and their house brand is pretty nice, too.

    Other good commercial brands that tend to be cheaper (and this is all my opinion-- take what you like and leave the rest!): Plymouth and Patons.

  11. Wow thats some list! I"ll be lucky if I get a couple of afghans done this year.. Way to go!
    Robyn :)

  12. That is quite a to do list! But it's nice to be busy crafting and not run out of things to do! The makes you have finished are lovely :) Hope you are having a happy crafty week and keeping cosy!
    Helen x

  13. I have a chicken pattern also..they are so funny! I find that the big box stores in my area have the best prices for yarn..but rarely carry the yarn I need for special projects.. I can always find cotton and acrylics there....I tend to google the yarn I want and then find the best price..Good luck finding it!

  14. What a list!
    I love that Babette Blanket too..I have enough yarn stashed somplace to do that..but no time right now. Hope your snow all melted:)

  15. It's good to see your plans, I have to say, there is no need to spend huge amounts of money to make a cowl, if you like acrylic, use it with pride! Crocheting is for fun, not to break the bank, and you can pick up the odd nice wool skein for special!


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