Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Book reviews and new projects dangling in front of me!

 Well, I found MY Easter project (along with Miss Maggie of course)! :)  This is a free pattern over on the Rowan website.....of course using Rowan yarn!  Nothing like a new project to motivate a gal!

I finished a book that I picked up at Walmart.  It was a book I had heard about and it was on my list "to be read" so when I saw it I had to buy it!   This was another one I could not put down!  This one was especially fascinating since the man was a neurosurgeon and knows the brain inside and out, literally.  I am a science person myself so reading about it with a scientific view was very interesting to me.  I do believe, so he didn't have to convince me but it's always nice to get validation.  Regardless of your beliefs I am sure you would enjoy this book.
 It won't count on my "Embarassment of Riches" book group book since that has to be books that you already own and/or did not spend a cent on.  So, I'm thinking the next one counts since it was given to me, the Mason-Dixon Knitting book that Sue, the book fairy, brought me the other day.  I read it from cover to cover and loved every project in it!  It really appeals to my "practical" knitting side and these gals write hysterically!  It IS a laughing matter to them!
lots of rugs...........

 and log cabin blankets just like the quilt block they're named after...........
 and of course the household staple..........the "warsh rag" as they like to call it. 
 I will be making everything in this book if I live long enough!  I may alter a few things....like I really don't need a Moses basket lined and edged in gorgeous knitting but I do have lots of baskets that I could use instead.  Oh, the hopes and dreams of a fiber nut...ME!!!! LOL!  I hope you had a great Tuesday!
Oh, and they have another book and a blog!  I think I died and I'm in heaven now!


  1. The curious knitters book sure looks like it's full oa a lot of fun projects! You have become quite a knitting addict.

  2. Looks like a great book full of projects! Those sitting hens are really cute:)


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