Monday, March 18, 2013

Pinterest Project and the Bluebird of Happiness!

Last night I got on Pinterest and noticed I have all these ideas "pinned" and I keep pinning but never do anything with them so........I decided I will try and test them out.  This one I tried today and it is a WINNER!!!!  It is the recipe for a simmering potpourri that states it is the wonderful smell inside the WIlliams Sonoma stores.  Well, I've never been in their stores so I can't say if that is true but the smell is wonderful and it does freshen up your whole house!
Here's the recipe......
Fill a stockpot 2/3 full of water
Add one lemon sliced
Add a few sprigs of fresh Rosemary (I happen to have this in spades outside)
1 to 2 tesaspoons of vanilla

Bring to a simmer and let it simmer all day on your stove and it does permeate the whole house!  I use the cinnamon orange ones in the Winter but this is a great fresh smell for Spring when it's still too cold to open all the windows.  You can add more water as it evaporates and the Pinterest person who posted this said it lasts about 2 days.  This one is a keeper for sure!
I know....terrible photo but I was so excited to see a bluebird outside my window....I love them!  It was the best I could do.....better luck next time!  The screen is enough to make your eyes cross! LOL!

A new season of Dancing With The Stars starts tonight!  Thank goodness because there has been nothing else on unless you're a basketball fan.  Take care!


  1. Pinterest is not something I have gotten into. I am afraid it would add more projects to my already long list of projects. Good luck in trying them all.

  2. What a great tip re. the scent ... I'm going to try this!

  3. Love pinterest! Such a great recipe :) ~Pernilla


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