Sunday, March 17, 2013

YOP Update

The faster I go the "behinder" I get!  LOL!  It's 9:00 p.m. and I am just now getting around to this!  (It would be 8:00 p.m. except for that dang Daylight Savings Time!  It may save the Daylight but now I'm staying up later.)'s my update for what it's excuse is that we had 2 days of 78 degree weather which pulled me outside for sure and so glad I did because it is now 40 degrees F and I have a fire going in the fireplace! LOL! 
I finally finished my Magic Loop second sock of the second pair..............
Now, on to DPN's........OMG!!!!  Heaven help me!
I did manage to have a go at Miss Maggie my little bunny girl.  I know she's not  a YOP but I have issues with commitment I think.  The minute I put my YOP list out there I saw all kinds of things I wanted to do that weren't on the list....does anyone else have that problem????
Anyway, Maggie does have knitting involved at least.........
She looks more like a bird here but I promise, she IS a bunny rabbit!
See....there is knitting and there's my yarn to prove it!
There's her little cute I can hardly stand it!  I hope I do a good job!  Wish me luck!

I am moving forward with some new projects but didn't get pictures on here.  These projects ARE on my YOP list.  One is knitted chair pads and the other is crocheted edging on towels, pillowcases or whatever I can affix it too.  I've wanted to learn how to do this for ages!  I'm thinking once I get going with "edging" there may be no stopping me! LOL!
Also, you've probably heard me say how tired I am all the time and how I can't get a lot done ever since they messed with my thyroid.  Well,  I heard the other day that if you're taking statin drugs for high cholesterol they deplete certain vitamins and one is I bought some and it is supposed to give you back the energy that the statins take from you!  Hallelujah!  This may be the answer to my prayers!  You're supposed to check with your doctor first but hell's bells, I've been complaining about this for years!  He had his it's my turn! LOL!  If these pills work, you may see lots more progress on my blog!  Wouldn't that be something????  I am SO happy!
I'll catch up with all of you tomorrow.  For the last 2 days we have lost electric power for hours!  No storms, sunny day, no wind.....they were doing maintenance I'm sure because it came back on around 5:00 p.m....hmmm.....quitting time?  Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!  I made colcannon and a shamrock shake!
Oh, I almost forgot!  The book fairy, (her name is Sue), stopped by today with some great books for me!  Look!
Some great mysteries that have "fibers" involved and an herb book too!
Also..........this one's going to bed with me tonight.........lookie, lookie!!!!
I've heard about these gals and their book and I can't wait to crawl beneath the covers and delve into it tonight and Celtic Thunder is on PBS!  I hope you had a great St. Pattrick's Day, I know I did and I'm Irish so I know a good one when I see it! LOL!


  1. Well done on the socks, they look fab and DPN's can be tricky I think people either love them or hate them so if they don't work for you stick to the magic loop if thats what you love. I've not tried magic loop yet, I keep meaning to. My YOP list always gets things added on that were never part of the original list, I now have a section for them so this justifies all my extra projects I end up doing lol. I hope you get more energy pack, its draining literally and figuretively being tired all the time.

  2. Quite likely we all have a commitment thing - maybe that's why we need to publish a list and have the others encourage us to stick to it :)

    Bunny looks adorable ... I hope the cape is everything you imagine. I just hate it when FOs fail to live up to expectations. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the edgings.

  3. The socks look great! I haven't gotten that far with my knitting, Im just a beginner and am working on an afghan for a friend. If it comes out nice I"ll begin to branch out but right now I"m still working on the basics..

  4. Oh, little bunny is going to be so cute! I am sure you will do a fantastic job on her little cape... and well done on the socks. I admire all you sock knitters, and dpn users. I think I will always be a magic loop kind of girl. I even figured out a way to magic loop many of my Grandy's bunnies body parts to eliminate some major seaming! Where there is a will there is a way. I hope you feel better soon--I am still not 100% from my tummy bug last month and frankly, not feeling good is tiring.
    I have a lemon, garlic, Italian seasoning chicken in my crockpot as I type--your dinner post inspired me and there is nothing easier than popping a whole chicken in the slow cooker. I lay it on top of several balled up wads of aluminum foil so it doesn't get soggy and it actually gets a little browner on the top, almost like in the oven.
    Have a super day...

  5. The bunny is going to be really cute! :)

  6. wishing you luck with your bunny as you requested. I'm going to repeat what everyone told me..dpn's are awkward at first..and very frustrating..but I'm living proof that it gets easier..I hope you find some solution to your energy issues..I know that the CoQ10 is supposedly helpful with the muscle cramps that can be experienced when taking statins..but keeping my fingers crossed for you anyway!

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