Saturday, September 29, 2012

Back up and regroup..............

 Sorry I didn't blog or visit yesterday.  I was on the phone on and off all day "dealing" with "issues" but today I got my mojo back!  I finished another can tell I'm not sleeping well because when I can't sleep I read. LOL!

This was a great book to read for the Halloween season but not terrible scary or I would never have been able to finish it.  It was unusual, well written and a New York Times bestseller.  I was disappointed in the ending but then I realized it is going to be a series!  It didn't say that but the ending certainly left the door open.  I won't read the series but with "strange" vintage photographs strewn throughout the book it certainly grabbed my attention and it kept me interested throughout the entire book.  It's nice to read something out of your usual "genre" of literature.  I think it helps you keep your mind open to something you may truly enjoy that you didn't realize was even out there.   That being's an "unusual" read but will definitely keep you turning the pages!  BTW, it is fiction.....or is it?  BOO!
Made my (Mario Batali's with some adjustments) eggplant parmesan....the healthy version!  I love this recipe and make it about once a month.  It's great because it's fairly inexpensive, easy to make, vegetarian (I'm not but I'm a wannabe) oh, and did I mention DELICIOUS!!!!!! It's better than the original which used to take me all day to make and was definitely not healthy!  This picture is before being baked for 20 minutes.....I had to get my blogging done!   
The trees are starting to change color!  Yay!!!!!
The mums are starting to flower....the few that are left.....most of mine died out this summer in the extreme heat.  Planting in metal containers in the South is probably not a good idea.
Things are starting to get "cozy" at night and the temps are going down.....YAY!!!!!

Oh! BTW, some of you asked what the quilt blocks were for and I forgot to tell you so here's "the rest of the story".  I belong to a quilt guild and last year I committed with a bunch of the gals to have a snowman quilt block sounds like a fun idea at the time, right?  When will I learn?  It is fun when you don't have a deadline!  I had too many all those years I worked and now I am a "no deadline", "no committment" kind of gal but sometimes I forget! LOL!  I did manage to get the snowmen traced and hopefully tonight ironed on to the various fabrics.  So, that's the rest of the story.
     I hope you had a great Saturday and your favorite college team won! LOL!  TTYL!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

OMG! I have 10 quilt blocks to make before 10/17!

Granted, I knew about this a year ago but they were snowmen blocks...I had plenty of time and I had picked out a pattern and downloaded it BUT......I thought it was due in November!  I was going to order material but instead now I've grabbed what I had planned for a Christmas quilt for MOI!  Serves me right!  I'm not sure how this is going to turn out....unfortunately they all have to be the same so I only had the backing fabric for MY Christmas quilt to use where I had enough yardage....I hope this works out...I'm not great at improvising. 
This fabric is a little "busy" but the snow person is white so hopefully it will work out....I really don't have many options at this point! LOL!  Here's the pattern for the snow person.  Most were so "hokey" that I didn't care for them but I liked this one except it is for a door hanger, not a quilt I said, I'm not too good at improvising so we shall see........
I love the door hanger and I think I'll make that someday too.  It's a free pattern (along with some other freebies) on All People Quilt    It is a magazine but I don't subscribe anymore I just go to the website. LOL!  I get plenty there without spending the money.....try it with your favorite magazines!  You might be surprised at how much is out there for free.
Here are the other coordinating fabrics for the machine appliqued snow person.
I'm using quilt batting for the snowman as it is nice and soft and "snowy" looking.  The finished block has to be 12 1/2 inches so I am making my squares 14 inches for now and will trim when I'm done.  I wanted to make them plenty big in case I mess up which is fairly likely!  I've pressed the material and I have 5 of the 10 background blocks cut out and will get that done tonight and probably trace the applique pieces and get the paper patterns ironed to the fabric if I have enough of that Steam n' Seam or whatever it is.  I spent most of the day trying to find the email about the blocks, re-finding the pattern and downloading it and then going through my "stash" to find material for the blocks.  Whew!  Never again!  Every Fall when I want to be outside and NEED to be outside getting projects done other things always pop up....the family thing, the city water thing, and now the quilt block thing!  What was I thinking?  I'll get it done but what about my outside painting and caulking?  Maybe I do need a husband?  No, scratch that...I DID NOT just say that!!!! LOL!
Nothing against them and I'm sure yours are wonderful, I've just not had very good luck in that category so I am a confirmed bachelorette! LOL!
Oh!  Tonight is the season opener for Grey's Anatomy!!!!  I have watched that show from the beginning and quilt blocks or not I am watching it tonight!  I hope you had a great Thursday!  HUGs to all!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is for the birds!

 Literally!  Remember when I asked you what to do with all those "snippets" of yarn I had leftover from projects?  Well, most of you said to put them out for the birds to take and use for nesting I did!  I have an empty birdfeeder I used in my back yard but I have to go out and pick it up once a day because they do come and take one strand but others stick to them and fall off on the ground.  I just keep putting it back up there and hopefully I'll spot some pretty yarn in some area nests one day!  Thanks for the tip!

 I made another loaf of my no-knead bread today....easy peasy and it tastes like sourdough.  I love it and it makes the best toast too.
 Isn't this a gorgeous plant?  It's huge too and I have several clumps of it in my yard much to the chagrin of my neighbors I'm sure.  I think it's ragweed but I'm not allergic to it and I think it's beautiful AND it's my favorite color.  It just glows!
 Remember that big bunch of bananas I got for .70?  Our little grocery store here in town sells stuff that's not "prime" at really low prices and I grab what I can.  This time it was bananas that I peel, smash, and freeze for banana bread or any recipe that calls for banana.
I just smashed them up with a fork and there are still chunks which I like in my recipes.
I had enough for 3 recipes of banana bread and a little more.  You could put it in smoothies too.  I think I'm like a squirrel gathering nuts for Winter.  Get that larder full!
The "city workers" were here the other day.......... they do this once or twice a year right in my front lawn.
  That cement piece is where the city water connects to my house.  I was brushing my teeth and low and behold no water and the girls were barking like crazy so I looked out and there they were....4 or 5 of them with one in a front loader making a mess and scratching their heads.  The water came on about an hour later and then this morning when I was brushing my teeth it happened again!  But they weren't in my yard so they must have gone to dig up someone else's yard!  This is how they leave it smoothing out or anything.  I called city hall this morning after the water was out for over 3 hours.   They said there was a leak somewhere and they were trying to find it.  I told them this happens at least twice every year and is there a reason they can't fix it once and for all.  I got my answer........we have little earthquakes and also this year because it was so dry the earth shifts and knocks the pipes out of alignment causing leaks.  Pipes in the South aren't buried very deep...(thank goodness or my front lawn would look like a gravel pit!).   I do understand though because I have cracks inside the house and also the caulk next to the foundation has cracked and separated for the same reason.  Maybe those townhouses and condominiums aren't such a bad idea after all.

On a brighter note....the flowers are really making a comeback and they sure make me smile with their bright shining faces!  Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Terrific Tuesday & book reviews!

This book is AWESOME!   It is non-fiction and was written in 2008.  I got it used and it is a signed copy by the authors...who knew?  If you are in any way interested in being more self-sufficient without "buying the farm" literally.....this is the book for you!  It is a reference and will never leave my greedy little book hands...ever!  That's how much I love it!
This book covers what you would probably have to find in about 20 present day books on the market.  It has it all....from raising chickens to using grey water and all the information on how to do it but inexpensively and easily even if you live in the city.  These 2 are just normal, every day people trying to do their part to save the planet and their money at the same time.   I hope they got an award for this book because they deserve it!  Well done Kelly and Erik!!!!!  Thank you!!!!

This is the 2nd book in the series of the 3 I have read.  It is a good series but I'm not that into magic and sorcery or young romance but if you are this is the series for you!  The three books in the series I've read are very well written and have good plot development.  Why did I read 3 of them if I don't care for it you might ask?  Well, I bought the first book and it was the 3rd in the series then a friend of mine bought the first 2 and we swapped.  So, that's how I came to read 3 and they were about a yarn shop owner and knitter/spinner which is right up my alley.  I just won't buy anymore as my focus is on going through my books and reading what I have right now.  You've heard of EXTREME sports.....I'm on an EXTREME budget and one part of that budget is not to buy any books I don't absolutely have to have in my possession......that alone will be hard enough.  

 I hope you had a great Tuesday....I'm getting lots done and feeling really good about it and my reward is..... a new season of my favorite shows....Dancing With the Stars, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Castle, The Middle, Modern Family.....I don't have cable and now I don't care!  Go budget!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sick in the head!

I'm sorry I've been so sporadic and unreliable with my blog but the emotional turmoil in my head and heart dealing with a very serious issue in my family had me "down for the count" this past weekend.  I finally just gave in to the tears, the frustration, the injustice and I hate feeling like that as I am usually very positive but it was very cleansing evidently because I got up this morning and felt uplifted and encouraged and hopeful for the first time in days.  Evidently God must have sensed I needed some help.  People think I am very strong and I am but where does the strong person go?  Straight to her knees!
But I mowed the lawn today, made bread, cleaned up the house, did laundry and I'm not finished!  Plus, Dancing With The Stars starts tonight and I think Castle? I feel wonderful and it just amazes me that these awesome miracles take place in my life every day!  Speaking of's some pics of my 2 BFF's 
This was before I mowed, they were laying out in the back yard side by side keeping  a careful watch  on the neighborhood!
 Here's Serenity (Nitty) in all her confirmational glory....I think she's beautiful........
 and of course I can't forget little Miss Annie.....neither of them will face the camera...EVER!  They really don't like having their picture taken at all!

If you notice I don't have collars on my girls.  It stems from my farm days of not wanting them to get caught on anything....same with my horses, nothing on them.  Of course when we walk then we have collars and leashes but at home.... nada.  They stay in their yard....I've trained them....many hours of running after them at first but it pays off later.  People have asked me if there's buried wire and I tell them nope...they're just super dogs! 

I also washed a few windows and cleaned part of the bathrooms today....I think I just worked that "angst" right out of me!  I finished a couple books this past week too so stop by tomorrow for the reviews!  Thank you all for not giving up on me!  I promise to get a new banner done too.....I went right past Summer and need a Fall one now.  Hope you had a great day and a wonderful weekend.  Did any of you watch the Emmy's  last night?  Oh, and "Da Bears" won yesterday!  Yippee!  TTYS!