Monday, September 24, 2012

Sick in the head!

I'm sorry I've been so sporadic and unreliable with my blog but the emotional turmoil in my head and heart dealing with a very serious issue in my family had me "down for the count" this past weekend.  I finally just gave in to the tears, the frustration, the injustice and I hate feeling like that as I am usually very positive but it was very cleansing evidently because I got up this morning and felt uplifted and encouraged and hopeful for the first time in days.  Evidently God must have sensed I needed some help.  People think I am very strong and I am but where does the strong person go?  Straight to her knees!
But I mowed the lawn today, made bread, cleaned up the house, did laundry and I'm not finished!  Plus, Dancing With The Stars starts tonight and I think Castle? I feel wonderful and it just amazes me that these awesome miracles take place in my life every day!  Speaking of's some pics of my 2 BFF's 
This was before I mowed, they were laying out in the back yard side by side keeping  a careful watch  on the neighborhood!
 Here's Serenity (Nitty) in all her confirmational glory....I think she's beautiful........
 and of course I can't forget little Miss Annie.....neither of them will face the camera...EVER!  They really don't like having their picture taken at all!

If you notice I don't have collars on my girls.  It stems from my farm days of not wanting them to get caught on anything....same with my horses, nothing on them.  Of course when we walk then we have collars and leashes but at home.... nada.  They stay in their yard....I've trained them....many hours of running after them at first but it pays off later.  People have asked me if there's buried wire and I tell them nope...they're just super dogs! 

I also washed a few windows and cleaned part of the bathrooms today....I think I just worked that "angst" right out of me!  I finished a couple books this past week too so stop by tomorrow for the reviews!  Thank you all for not giving up on me!  I promise to get a new banner done too.....I went right past Summer and need a Fall one now.  Hope you had a great day and a wonderful weekend.  Did any of you watch the Emmy's  last night?  Oh, and "Da Bears" won yesterday!  Yippee!  TTYS!


  1. Hey there! I'm so glad you're feeling better. Sounds like you had a productive Monday.

  2. Sam
    You did the right thing-letting it all out is cleansing, especially on your knees!
    I'm glad you're better.
    We're watching the Cardinals games here at my folks in Iowa.

  3. They are twins. How cute. I am so sorry you have been going through this. Life is so messy. I just keep telling myself that and I just have to move forward when things get me down. Hope all is well.

  4. So glad you are feeling better.

  5. Glad you are back and feeling better. Sorry you had to deal with this, though. Love the dogs and I'm impressed with the training. We had to put in an underground fence for our Husky. He understands his limits with it and stays way back from the boundary even when it's off.

    Have a great week. You can get more done than anyone I know.


  6. Hi Sam,
    Sorry to hear that you were feeling so bad, and now happy that you have found your center again.
    The puppy's pictures are cute. They are such good company. I miss having having a dog. Living on a farm while growing up we had all kinds of critters. And my dogs never had collars.
    Denise on my site, said she read that book I have pictured and liked it very much.
    Try and stay on the upside.
    Nancy Jo

  7. Hope the worst has passed with your family problems..if it ain't one thing it is another. Your girls look so shiny! I hope you have a good week:)

  8. God gave us tears for a reason. It is very cleansing and I think we sometimes just need to let it all out. We just have to let go and let God ... Your pups are so beautiful. So nice that they are so well trained and behaved. A friend of mine in Georgia years ago lost one of her dogs because her collar got caught on a wrought iron chair outside and Billie didn't find her until it was too late. It was very heartbreaking and she felt so guilty. Take care of yourself and have a lovely day. Tammy

  9. Sorry to hear you had such a rotten time Sam, but it sounds like you found your own way of dealing with it good on you.
    Love your pictures, aren't they the best friends ever.
    best wishes Julie.C

  10. You are so positive and that is one of the reasons I love stopping by. Everyone tells me I am strong person too. I see it, but wow, straight to my knees is usually how it works. And then I am usually super productive like you. If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it!!
    Hugs!! The girls are beautiful!


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