Saturday, July 21, 2012

Royal mail and a heavenly gift!!!!!!

Yep!  Royal Mail all the way from Wales!  I won a giveaway over at Faith's blog and I received it today in the mail!!!! (Sorry for the shadows....I have a sky light and it plays havoc with my photos during the day! )
She sent me this precious card that looks handmade with a sweet note from her inside.
I received the knitting book of the year!  Everywhere I look this book is being talked about, learned from and on many knitter's wish lists!  This may be beyond my skill level but after knitting all week I'm feeling up to the challenge!  Of course, only AFTER I finish all my YOP's...that goes without saying! (Tee Hee!)  But meanwhile it will be on my nightstand to be read and enjoyed! I am so into knitting right now I can hardly stand it!  Now I think I know what everyone's been talking about!  I see an addiction coming on!  I want to read about it, Google it, watch YouTube videos about it, talk about it endlessly with other knitting bloggers, pour over Ravelry every chance I get, and of course do it!  KNIT!!!!  Don't worry, I still love my crochet but knitting is new and different for me and a challenge and boy do I love myself a challenge! Ha! Ha!
 But wait....that's not all..........take a gander at this beauty!  More stash!  I'm so excited and this yarn is as wonderful to touch as it is pretty to look at!
and look at this gorgeous color "sweet pea" which always reminds me of my Granddaughter, who's name also happens to be Faith.  Her Dad calls her Sweet Pea.  100% Merino wool no less.........soft, not scratchy!  
And just in case I'm not sweet enough (which we all know I am ...LOL!) a cute little snack while I'm busy working on my YOP's!  Faith, you think of everything!  Aren't they just too cute? 
As if that wasn't enough, she gave me this, the sweetest present of all made by her very own hands while she's a busy wife and Mother.....amazing!

Ta Da!!!!!  Look at these precious flowers!!!!!  I love them!  I think I need to make a felted bag to sew these flowers onto.  Wouldn't that be cute? 
 Faith, I can't thank you enough for introducing me to YOP's and for the lovely gifts you included in your giveaway.  I've been wanting to have a drawing once I reach 100 followers.  Meanwhile, you have shown me how to make it very special for someone else when that time comes.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  You made my day, week, and month!
 Happy Saturday everyone! 

Addendum to my post 07/21/2012
At the time I wrote this I had no idea what had happened in Colorado.  I didn't watch t.v. all day nor did I talk to anyone so I didn't find out until the 6 p.m. news tonight.  My prayers and condolences go out to all those families and the emergency workers, doctors,  police and fire people who are still working to save lives, find answers and comfort those who are mourning.  In fact, my son and grandson were going to see Spiderman today.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Cleaning and clearing...............

I got busy today cleaning the guest room but I forgot to take a "before" picture of the closet. Trust me it was "full to the gills"!  I remembered about  halfway through.  I have guests coming but so far I haven't heard a date.  Not a peep since they said they were coming.   It's harvest season....I could be putting up tomatoes and all kinds of things but I'm putting it off because "I have company coming".  Trust me...if they don't show up I won't be entertaining any "company" ever again.  I didn't have a garden but I could be supporting the farmer's market.  Not that my house and guest room couldn't use a  good sprucing up but when you're a "farmer" there are priorities! LOL!  Oh well, company is worth more than all the veggies in the world.  But only if they show up! LOL!

I got it cleaned out and stored some of my canning supplies  in it so they're handy in case the "company" doesn't show up! LOL!
I cleaned this dresser but the drawers are filled with linens but I can remove them if "company" arrives.  I still have more to do but there was other "chores" today and knitting too!  I'll be back!
Hope you had a great of the best days of the week! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

To be or not to be............a better blogger!

I ordered this book to help myself be a better blogger.  I am hoping it does the trick.  I've looked through it a little and already noticed the recommendation for a digital SLR camera.  I want to take better pictures but I cannot afford one of those so if that's what it takes I may just remain a "so-so" blogger.  I try to blog every day and yesterday I missed as I "canned" all day and I had a mess in my kitchen and I was tired and really I'd already blogged about the peaches.....there was just "more of the same".  Maybe my life isn't interesting or vibrant enough for the blogging world although I enjoy the heck out of it! LOL!
Any suggestions are appreciated and I will share what I learn from this book if anything.  There aren't a lot of blogging books out there and I was surprised at that as I thought there would be a ton of them.
I'm not into competing for the "best " blog or showing Pinterest pictures which anyone can do really ....I just blog about my daily life and I guess if it ends up just being a journal of that then that's okay too.  I've made some great friends here in Blog Land and it so nice to discover people with common interests to yours.
It's been busy here and I'm thinking others are busy in the Summer also and it rained here today so although you didn't see it..........I was out doing a Happy Dance!
I hope you got rain or shine today.... whatever your little heart desired!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Busy day but very satisfying............

I had to take the girls for their heartworm tests today and that took most of the morning.  Here's Nitty out in the parched front lawn waiting to go.  I couldn't upload Annie's photo for some reason but Nitty looks like a lioness stretched out on an African savannah.  Thank goodness both of them tested negative for heartworm.
When I came home I got busy with the peaches I had bought.

This is freezer peach pie filling.  I have another batch to do tomorrow.  But I took a few breaks throughout the day and managed to work on my dish towel for a bit.  I'm sure enjoying knitting this project.

I hope you are staying cool and comfortable and having a wonderful Summer!  Thank you for stopping by!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Houston! We have liftoff........I mean STASH!!!!! Oh yeah!

I received a whole bunch of packages today!  I was so excited I could hardly wait to get in the house and open it all as opposed to how excited I get when the bills for packages arrive. LOL!
This is a free pattern for a lacy shawl that was on the back of the Jimmy Bean's Wool package.  It is a knitted silk shawl with beads.  If anyone is interested I will mail it to you.  It's not something I'm interested in making or that I would wear.  I'll hold onto it for a week so let me know a.s.a.p. 
Look at these cutie pies from Lion Brand yarn!  Aren't they just the cutest????  They are called Bon Bons.  They are mini skeins specifically for little craft projects and/or embellishment.  I got one in acrylic and one in cotton.  There are also metallics and other colors.  They're so darling I think I might just put them in a jar for display in my future craft/sewing room.
Below is my Cascade 220 Superwash wool for my socks that I'll be knitting and is on my YOP list.
Below is my Rowan yarn for knitting a bath mat which is also part of my YOP list.
  I put a thimble so you can see the size of these skeins also.  They are bigger than Bon Bons but smaller than a regular skein.  This is a handknit cotton yarn. 
Here's a comparison picture so you can see the difference in sizes.
I told you I would give you my rundown on the yarn I ordered from the various online vendors.  Fabulous Yarn came in first for speed, selection and customer service, Jimmy Bean's Wool had less of a selection and emailed me that they were waiting for THEIR order to come in for the yarns but when I ordered, it stated they had the yarn in stock.  In their defense, they apologized and not only gave me free shipping but also a discount for my trouble.  As you can see, Lion Brand,  Webs and Jimmy Beans all came today.  They were all ordered at the same time except for Jimmy Beans which was ordered several days before any of the others.  Webs was the only one that had all the Rowan colors I wanted.  They have a great selection and in reality, I will probably use all of them again depending on what I'm looking for.  I think they are all great yarn suppliers and they all have great customer service and speed sometimes depends on your location in relation to them.
I also got some stitch markers and used them while I was knitting today.  I could not stay away from my dishcloths/towel knitting today.  When it goes smoothly I adore knitting....I guess I feel that way about a lot of things! LOL!
  I hope you had a wonderful Monday and as always I so appreciate your comments!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

YOP Sunday update...............'s time to update you on my YOP's!  I was so excited until I logged on and saw how many people had already finished a project.  Whoa Nellie!  I wonder if I'll ever get that speedy?  Probably not.....but it 's not the destination but the journey and so far I am loving the journey!  Here is my first project which I have gone from 5% done to 33% done.  It is my crocheted granny stripe table runner.  I love this pattern and it is such an enjoyable project to work on.
I also got my dish towel/cloth yarn in the  mail this week so I have something on my needles now!  It's not much that's for sure but it's a start.  It was a very slow start too!  I cast on 3 times and knit the first row before the count was the 56 stitches I needed.  Did I tell you I am a novice.  I am hoping these projects will award me with some knitting "mojo" as I love it but it does frustrate me more than crochet at this stage.  But I am determined to become a better knitter.  I'm after improving my skills in all areas this year.  So, if anyone has tips or techniques that will help....bring 'em on!  Thanks to all who are so sharing and giving of their wisdom in this group and on Ravelry.  I truly appreciate it!
I would love to just sit and knit today but I went grocery shopping and I'm also in the process of canning and freezing things so I am trying to stay hydrated by drinking this.........LOL!  This stuff is SO GOOD and refreshing and it's only $1.00 at Wal-Mart....I bought 2 and it's good until August 30th.
  So, no matter what you're doing stay hydrated and for all you fiber fanatics.....carry on!  Have a great YOP week friends!