Thursday, July 19, 2012

To be or not to be............a better blogger!

I ordered this book to help myself be a better blogger.  I am hoping it does the trick.  I've looked through it a little and already noticed the recommendation for a digital SLR camera.  I want to take better pictures but I cannot afford one of those so if that's what it takes I may just remain a "so-so" blogger.  I try to blog every day and yesterday I missed as I "canned" all day and I had a mess in my kitchen and I was tired and really I'd already blogged about the peaches.....there was just "more of the same".  Maybe my life isn't interesting or vibrant enough for the blogging world although I enjoy the heck out of it! LOL!
Any suggestions are appreciated and I will share what I learn from this book if anything.  There aren't a lot of blogging books out there and I was surprised at that as I thought there would be a ton of them.
I'm not into competing for the "best " blog or showing Pinterest pictures which anyone can do really ....I just blog about my daily life and I guess if it ends up just being a journal of that then that's okay too.  I've made some great friends here in Blog Land and it so nice to discover people with common interests to yours.
It's been busy here and I'm thinking others are busy in the Summer also and it rained here today so although you didn't see it..........I was out doing a Happy Dance!
I hope you got rain or shine today.... whatever your little heart desired!


  1. This blogging Is pretty slow going to start out. I know that.

  2. It doesn't matter what others think as long as you are happy Sam!!! Oh, don't get me wrong, we all LOVE those comments. I struggle with not having the time to blog every day, but I get on here when I can. You can't force it. A post just to get a post isn't as a good as a post that has content you are invested in!! It rained here too. My plants and myself did a happy dance!!!

  3. I borrowed that book from the library. But yes, blogging starts out slow I think.

  4. First off, fix the title of your post. You want to be a blogger, not a bogger. Ha! At least you didn't say booger. :)

    You just keep doing what you are doing. Be yourself and don't worry about doing anything different. I enjoy your posts, your humor and checking in on you when you do hit that publish button.

    Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  5. Hi Sam,
    I think you are doing just fine. I don't know all the tricks for making a site look all fancy with special accents. I don't even know how to get pictures from other places then my camera. Its a mystery. A site I just love is the SUSAN BRANCH SITE. She lives on Martha's Vineyard, and she just took us with her on a seven week trip to England. Talk about pictures! I have all her books. ANYWAAAAAY, I like your blog just the way you do it. You make me tired; you are always busy.

    Nancy Jo

  6. Oh pish! I truly don't thing that every great blogger has an slr camera or needs one to be great! In my eyes, a great blogger is one who helps me get to know them through their posts. I love reading about your life, somewhere very far and different from where I live! You are doing great-and I always enjoy my visit with you.

  7. I think your blog is perfect as it is. After all, to me blogging is recording your thoughts, feelings and ideas and sharing them with people who enjoying reading about them. I enjoy your blog just the way it is so keep on keeping on. Would have loved to have seen you doing your happy dance. :)


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