Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is for the birds!

 Literally!  Remember when I asked you what to do with all those "snippets" of yarn I had leftover from projects?  Well, most of you said to put them out for the birds to take and use for nesting I did!  I have an empty birdfeeder I used in my back yard but I have to go out and pick it up once a day because they do come and take one strand but others stick to them and fall off on the ground.  I just keep putting it back up there and hopefully I'll spot some pretty yarn in some area nests one day!  Thanks for the tip!

 I made another loaf of my no-knead bread today....easy peasy and it tastes like sourdough.  I love it and it makes the best toast too.
 Isn't this a gorgeous plant?  It's huge too and I have several clumps of it in my yard much to the chagrin of my neighbors I'm sure.  I think it's ragweed but I'm not allergic to it and I think it's beautiful AND it's my favorite color.  It just glows!
 Remember that big bunch of bananas I got for .70?  Our little grocery store here in town sells stuff that's not "prime" at really low prices and I grab what I can.  This time it was bananas that I peel, smash, and freeze for banana bread or any recipe that calls for banana.
I just smashed them up with a fork and there are still chunks which I like in my recipes.
I had enough for 3 recipes of banana bread and a little more.  You could put it in smoothies too.  I think I'm like a squirrel gathering nuts for Winter.  Get that larder full!
The "city workers" were here the other day.......... they do this once or twice a year right in my front lawn.
  That cement piece is where the city water connects to my house.  I was brushing my teeth and low and behold no water and the girls were barking like crazy so I looked out and there they were....4 or 5 of them with one in a front loader making a mess and scratching their heads.  The water came on about an hour later and then this morning when I was brushing my teeth it happened again!  But they weren't in my yard so they must have gone to dig up someone else's yard!  This is how they leave it smoothing out or anything.  I called city hall this morning after the water was out for over 3 hours.   They said there was a leak somewhere and they were trying to find it.  I told them this happens at least twice every year and is there a reason they can't fix it once and for all.  I got my answer........we have little earthquakes and also this year because it was so dry the earth shifts and knocks the pipes out of alignment causing leaks.  Pipes in the South aren't buried very deep...(thank goodness or my front lawn would look like a gravel pit!).   I do understand though because I have cracks inside the house and also the caulk next to the foundation has cracked and separated for the same reason.  Maybe those townhouses and condominiums aren't such a bad idea after all.

On a brighter note....the flowers are really making a comeback and they sure make me smile with their bright shining faces!  Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. That yellow plant looks like goldenrod. We have a ton of it here. Yes, the city can do damage to one's yard. This year, they came by and cut trees in the way of the power lines - they cut away my black walnut tree. Ugh.

  2. Two years ago my mom moved from our family home to a senior living facility for a year before we moved here..and that winter the water pipes broke beneath the street and sidewalk in front of the home...the city workers came out...dug up the street, replaced the broken tiles and then proceeded to dig up the over 100 year old oak. It is always a horrible sight for me to see when something that has withstood the test of time and been witness to the many different joys of those of us living have enjoyed is destroyed...the tree was at least 6 feet in circumference and stood about eighty feet high...its roots were the cause of the water pipe breakage, which was the reason for its demise...I stood in the yard of my childhood home and cried for that mighty oak, that I had played on, and around and under for the years that I lived there...and was very depressed at the empty space its absence created in the landscape when gone...I was grateful for having been a part of its time here, and planted an ash tree in front of my next home as a result. It was my way of thanking the Mighty Oak... We were not allowed to keep any portion of the tree...the city would not allow even a small branch to be kept as a token...which upset me...and my family since we were the trees resident host. Unfortunately, the city law was that trees planted in front of the homes on the parkway, are city property and therefore subject to its law...Shame, it was a beautiful tree....


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