Thursday, September 27, 2012

OMG! I have 10 quilt blocks to make before 10/17!

Granted, I knew about this a year ago but they were snowmen blocks...I had plenty of time and I had picked out a pattern and downloaded it BUT......I thought it was due in November!  I was going to order material but instead now I've grabbed what I had planned for a Christmas quilt for MOI!  Serves me right!  I'm not sure how this is going to turn out....unfortunately they all have to be the same so I only had the backing fabric for MY Christmas quilt to use where I had enough yardage....I hope this works out...I'm not great at improvising. 
This fabric is a little "busy" but the snow person is white so hopefully it will work out....I really don't have many options at this point! LOL!  Here's the pattern for the snow person.  Most were so "hokey" that I didn't care for them but I liked this one except it is for a door hanger, not a quilt I said, I'm not too good at improvising so we shall see........
I love the door hanger and I think I'll make that someday too.  It's a free pattern (along with some other freebies) on All People Quilt    It is a magazine but I don't subscribe anymore I just go to the website. LOL!  I get plenty there without spending the money.....try it with your favorite magazines!  You might be surprised at how much is out there for free.
Here are the other coordinating fabrics for the machine appliqued snow person.
I'm using quilt batting for the snowman as it is nice and soft and "snowy" looking.  The finished block has to be 12 1/2 inches so I am making my squares 14 inches for now and will trim when I'm done.  I wanted to make them plenty big in case I mess up which is fairly likely!  I've pressed the material and I have 5 of the 10 background blocks cut out and will get that done tonight and probably trace the applique pieces and get the paper patterns ironed to the fabric if I have enough of that Steam n' Seam or whatever it is.  I spent most of the day trying to find the email about the blocks, re-finding the pattern and downloading it and then going through my "stash" to find material for the blocks.  Whew!  Never again!  Every Fall when I want to be outside and NEED to be outside getting projects done other things always pop up....the family thing, the city water thing, and now the quilt block thing!  What was I thinking?  I'll get it done but what about my outside painting and caulking?  Maybe I do need a husband?  No, scratch that...I DID NOT just say that!!!! LOL!
Nothing against them and I'm sure yours are wonderful, I've just not had very good luck in that category so I am a confirmed bachelorette! LOL!
Oh!  Tonight is the season opener for Grey's Anatomy!!!!  I have watched that show from the beginning and quilt blocks or not I am watching it tonight!  I hope you had a great Thursday!  HUGs to all!


  1. Ohhhh... I love snowmen and I really like that door hanger. Too bad quilting frustrates me--especially because I really LOVE quilts. I think yours will be lovely. :)

  2. That snowman is so cute. I'm sure you will improvise just fine. What's the quilt for? Have a fabulous Friday! Tammy

  3. Oh my goodness. You have so busy!
    I love the snowman project. I think it will be a darling quilt!
    You are very good at handiwork projects!!

    I can understand your frustration with needing to get things done.
    You need a best friend to help you... you can take turns doing projects at each other's homes.

    My dear friend and I used to do that... when our husbands were out of town working, we would get our 'to-do' lists done, together.
    We must have looked like Lucy and Ethel***giggle*.

    Hope you have a great weekend, my friend!

  4. Oh Sam!!! You make me giggle!!!
    I just said earlier, so many projects and so little time. I need to do some stuff outside, but this house NEEDS cleaned. I look the snowperson! Can't wait to see your improvisations!!! Sorry I haven't been around much!! I think of you even if I don't stop in!

  5. I do like that door hanger too! My first quilt project will commence after the holidays, I hope...I love all your stitching and applique projects...your fabric stash is drool worthy to say the least! The weather is is turning very quickly...the clouds are beginning to clear out a bit now after hiding the sun all day...I really dislike grey skies...but Grey's always cheery! Have fun!

  6. Cute snowman!! You will be busy now! :)


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