Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nancy Jo gets the Gold in Gifting!!!!

Yes she does and here's why!  She even wrapped them!  And it's not my birthday or anything!

and wrote me a really sweet card...............(I'm the one on the right with the blonde hair and the walking stick because I have RA! LOL!)
I couldn't have said it better myself, Nancy Jo!
And look what all she sent me.....................a lavender sachet and BUTTONS!  Don't we love us some buttons!
A crochet book that has everything in of all kinds of stitches with instructions (no excuses now!), edgings like I want to make and's a great book!

and 2 pamphlets with more patterns....which means more options!

yarn for my stash...boucle....I don't have any of's gorgeous................

And 3 fantastic Crochet Today magazines...where have I been?  I've never seen these before....but they have the greatest projects in them....wonderful!
Thank you, Nancy Jo!  You get the Gold Medal in friendship and thoughtfulness too!  I'm going to try and be as good a friend so watch your mailbox!  Also, for the rest of you.....I will be having a drawing when I reach 100 followers and I think I have 91 so it won't be long now!  I'm excited!  Hope you're having a Super Saturday!


  1. Oh my gosh! That is one sweet gifting by Nancy Jo. That book looks like it got some great patterns too.

  2. Oh yes, that is a gold medal friend! What a fun package to open, and I know you will enjoy all the treasures!

  3. How sweet to have such a friend. She is definitely gold as I am sure you are. I didn't know you had RA or else I had forgotten. I do things like that. : ) I also have RA and struggle some days more that others. Take care, my friend, and enjoy our gift.


  4. What a great friend you have, these are all very useful for you she certainly knows what ticks your boxes.
    We have that Crochet Today magazine here in the UK, they are good patterns. I think they have a website to.
    Have fun making,


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