Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An ode to cotton..........or at least praise!

These are dish towels....the ones on the left are over 30 years old and I'm still using them!  One has a little  hole but that's about it.  The ones on the right are about 6 months old and I found them at the Dollar General store for $2.00 each.  What do they have in common?  They're both made of 100% cotton!  The new ones are bigger than the older ones and I also bought dish cloths to match.  I buy a lot of things made with this wonderful fiber.  I have bath towels too that are very old.  The edges are frayed but the majority of the towel is still good.  If I was really fussy I guess I could hem the frayed edges but it doesn't bother me.
This a brief post from me today as this morning I had the annual termite inspection (not me personally but the house) and then I had to take Nitty for an allergy shot she was suffering terribly and the Benadryl just wasn't doing the trick.  The nice thing is that the shot lasts for 6-8 weeks.  I did manage to keep working on my bedroom this afernoon, did some laundry and got to see some Olympics.  I hope you had a great day!  Tomorrow is Wally World and Farmer's Market....busy, busy, busy!


  1. I like crocheting with cotton, I like the sheen and th definition in the stitches, whenever I make blankets, I always worry that they will pill and bobble which inevitably they will, cotton wins hands down for me.

    I like all your sorting recently, I could do with a serious bout of that myself! We will move at the end of the year and the thought of boxing up all my things makes me shudder a little!

  2. Amazing stuff isn't it :D

    I've just inherited some 70 year old heavy cotton sheets I plan to blog about. They've been in use the whole time, so some have been sides to middled, but there's a lot of good cloth in all of them. I'm thinking of getting hold of some indigo dye and then cutting them up for hexies for a quilt.

  3. I know all about allergies. This year I am using Allergy Easer - a natural remedy. Hope you get some relief.

  4. Wonder why it is that over the years, everything has gotten bigger. From portion sizes served in restaurants to the size of plates and even dishcloths. Hmmm ... you get gold for cleaning and organizing. I can't even claim a medal in that regard. Most everything on my to-do list for the summer was chucked out the window. :) Hope you find some yummy stuff at the farmer's market. Have a great day! Tammy

  5. Hi!
    So nice that you could find some more dish towels like the ones that you have had, and loved :)

    Sorry about Nitty...poor thing.

    Have fun on your shopping day !


  6. Nice towels! So wonderful to find something that LASTS! Looking forward to seeing what you buy on shopping day!

  7. All cotton is hard to find..I keep looking! I enjoyed the Jumping events today..so much fun to watch! :)

  8. thanks for sharing.


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