Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday musing about a great organizational tool!

Can you tell what this is?  Have you ever seen one before?  It's a product I love almost as much as my Edna (my NEATO robotic vacuum).  It is made by Discgear and it hold discs.  Simple but amazing.  They have all kinds of models but this particular one holds 50 discs and has an album that will hold the disc paper covers so you still have all your information.  This is not a new technology as I remember phone listings like this when I was a child but it's new for holding discs.  When you press the button it opens like this and very gently I might add.....

 Can you see at the top that one disc is being held up?  Where ever the lower lever is positioned is what disc will be picked out for you to practically hands it to you.   Below is a slim drawer that pulls out from underneath and it holds a paper copy of all your discs and where they're located in the Discgear holder.

 You can write them in manually or..........
 you can use their software to fill in and then print a copy for your drawer.
I apologize for the pc screen photos but that's as good as I could get.  Suffice it to say, there are all sorts of categories and drop down menus to organize your discs any way you want.  I thought I would use this one for pc software discs and educational discs.  I'll be buying another one for music and one for movies.   

 You can print this out and put it in that drawer underneath your Discgear and it will also get backed up on my pc when I do my weekly backup.   They come in all different sizes and colors.  This model holds 50, it's plastic made to look like burlwood and it comes with the album (which of course I couldn't seem to lay my hands on now that I'm blogging about it...dang!) and the software.  They have a website although I had a hard time with this link in blogger I was able to use the same address and access it from Google search....whatever.
They have bigger models, ones without albums to go with and other colors and styles. I happened to get mine through QVC when they had it as a special value.  Not only do i love the fact that I finally have a way to organize all my discs but it also protects them from getting scratched, lost and I can get rid of all those plastic cases they come in which saves lots of room.  They take up much less space in the discgear than they do in those cases.   I always like to hear from REAL people who get a product they love and so I try to do the same here and spread the word about a great organizational tool! Hope you're having a marvelous Monday!


  1. That was a really cool diskholder.


  2. Have never seen a fancy disc holder like that before. You sure are keeping busy over there. I'm still in school but with shorter hours til the 14th. Instead of 7:30-3:00 pm, I work 8-2. Looking forward to the wind down and then the true start of summer vacation. Wishing you a terrific Tuesday. Tammy

  3. Way cool..but I am partial to the plastic cases that hold my CD's..I couldn't throw them away could I??:)

  4. That is a great invention. I am going to get to the website and try ordering one. I bought myself a Blue Ray player so sometimes I purchase the blue ray/dvd combo pack movies and I give the dvd to one of the kids and this way I could put mine away and give them the jewel case. I'm also thinking this would be good for Stephanie since her movie disks are always getting lost. I really love this. Thanks for the info.


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