Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday...............these are TOO CUTE!!!!!!

Yes, once again, instead of doing my housework (Ha! Ha!) I was out strolling the internet....AGAIN!  Surprise, surprise! LOL!  But I came upon this wonderful gal that crochets the cutest darn things and has tutorials for FREE!  She's amazing!  Her website is Annaboo's House and she has three versions of this cute crocheted little critter and she has wonderful instructions for all 3 of them.  Above is the kitty........ and below is the monkey.............
and finally the dolly................

I just LOVE them!  Now, I know some of you are going to be thinking...."didn't she say she was going to finish an old project before she starts a new one?" ........and you are exactly right except for one little "gotcha".   I am finishing my wool applique's some progress.......
See?  I finished all the blanket stitching and now I have some embroidery to do on it.  There are also embellishments that go on the blocks but that will be done after it is quilted which makes it easier for the machine quilter and the machine!  Since this block is almost done I need to plan the next one and get out my wools and see if there are any colors I need to dye.     
But that is in the category of wool applique.  If you remember, in the category of crochet, I just finished the Ripple blanket/throw.  What does that mean?  It means I get to start a new crochet project!!!!!  Yay!  Hurrah!  You see there are THE CATEGORIES......and they are 1) crochet 2) knitting 3) wool applique 4) sewing 5) quilting and 6) embroidery which would include crewel, cross stitch, needlepoint, and any other kind of embroidery.   So, you see, I didn't break any rules and I was SAVED by the CATEGORIES!!!!!  You didn't REALLY think I could only work on one project at a time, did you?  Heavens no!  LOL!
But I need to order some cotton yarn which the dolls above are stitched  with.  I'll keep you informed with "up to the minute" progress reports so stay tuned!  Thanks for your comments, encouragement and inspiration....y'all keep me going!


  1. Ha! You are so crazy! Sounds like a rational solution to crafting. Your wool applique quilt is gonna be so beautiful! Hope your day is great. Tammy

  2. Thank heavens for categories!!
    Saves us all~~LOL!

    That's exactly why I'm on the computer right now.... it's my 'computer time' category..hee-hee.

    Darling project.
    I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out for you.

    Smiles :)

  3. Your quilt is looking good.
    An these little critters are so cute.
    best wishes Julie.C


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