Monday, May 7, 2012

Moving right a slug that is!

Saturday was a very productive day and since I post the Sunday Spin on Sunday's I thought today I would show you what I accomplished Saturday....especially in light of the fact that yesterday I barely got anything done! LOL!  But it was R n' R day after all.
Saturday I got out early since it has been so hot here.  I got more weeding, mulching, and rock laying done.  In case I haven't told you, I am making a curved path to my front door.  I thought this would be less expensive than hiring a cement contractor to build a sidewalk but I'm beginning to wonder!?!?  Between the labor, time it's taking and the price of the rubber mulch I'm not so sure anymore.

  Below is/was my birdbath but when I picked it up off the base to go clean it......

This is what happened................
I guess I should have brought it in over the Winter.  It probably got water in it and then froze....what was I thinking?  Obviously I just wasn't!  Oh well, I put a cement circle on top of the base and I think I'll get a trailing, flowering plant to set there.  As for the "pieces" above...anyone have any ideas what I could do with them?  You know me...I can't throw them out.  I was thinking either crack them into pieces for a mosaic or I could use the middle part as a trivet and the outer part as a collar around some plant in the garden.   
I think I mentioned that I've been trying to work outside each day for 1 hour and then inside for 1 hour on projects that aren't just daily or weekly maintenance.  So, after my 1 hour outside I came in and did some thorough cleaning of my family room for an hour.  While cleaning I watched the pre-derby activities on the telly.  By now I had closed the windows and turned on the ac since it was hovering around 88 and humid.
I dusted, vacuumed, and put lots of stuff away that was covering about every surface in this room.  I threw away some and took all the "fireplace" equipment out to the porch for the summer and leftover logs back out to the woodpile outside.  The picture above on the wall is old sheet music that is framed and the song title is "If You Saw All That I Saw in Arkansas".....I found it in the back area of an old hardware store.  I love it!
This is my "craft" bookcase.....I know.....with all these books you'd think my whole house would be homemade! LOL!  The bookcase I got at a junk store for $12 which I thought was good for a fact everything in my house is "used" not new....I need to paint the book case but so far I haven't done it....another one for the grass catcher list.
W hen the ac is on I light my candles.  I told you when it gets hot in the South, I treat it just like Winter in the North except for no fire in the fireplace...LOL!

And then it was time for the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby!  No mint julep or fancy hor'deurves but this suits me just fine!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Hi ya..
    You have been so busy.
    Hope that the path works out just the way that you want it to.
    It is a lot of work, but you can do it as time and money allows.
    Much better than spending the money and paying for someone else to do it.

    Love that framed picture.. so cute!
    Love the bookcases too.

    It was down-right COLD here that last two nights.
    Hard freeze warning both nights.
    I'm afraid that my little hosta transplants got bit with frost a little... dang it!

    I'm on a schedule to get some deep cleaning done today.
    It seems to accumulate over the weekends :)

    You have a great day!
    Warm wishes..

  2. Looking good as always. It's been kind of chilly here but humid too which can make it feel colder! Today its rainy so no outdoor work for me. Just laundry and cleaning and hanging out inside or on the porch.

  3. Wow you've been really busy.


  4. I broke my bird bath too. I still have the base, but haven't done anything with it yet. Love the snack!

  5. I hope you like your walk when it is done! You had a busy day..I missed the run for the roses this year:(

  6. Your snack would suit me just fine too. ;-)

  7. Not sure what you can do with the bird bath pieces, but the mosaic idea sounds cute. I have had bad luck with bird baths lately. My favorite one's top broke last fall when a raccoon tried to crawl in it and knocked it over. I heard the crash and looked out the window and he was running away. Hope it fell on his head!


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