Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monday's meanderings and into Tuesday.........off to a good start, I think

The basket is done except for the handles which I'll do tonight probably.  Hopefully this will be big enough to hold my "current" crocheting project and yarns and handy enough to cart from room to room when I  need to.  Now I  just have the ripple as a big project and I can start a little one.   I learned that 2 big projects going at the same time does not give you a sense of accomplishment for a L O N G  time! LOL!  So, one big project and then little ones to fill that "satisfaction space" in between.
I'm blogging later because I discovered I need to get out early in the morning when it's cool and I have the energy to do the work outside.  I need to get my top priorities done first as there is always time to fit in the little tasks later.    I weeded some more, fetched more rocks from the "woods" and laid more mulch.

 I also emptied the weeds and plants from 2 big pots that I had.  One had dirt in it but the other one I had emptied.  They're so big that I didn't want to use dirt to fill the whole thing so I threw in plastic pots that I had saved to take up some space.  And yes...I eat a lot of yogurt. 

Below are the day lilies I removed from the one pot.  they are all root bound and you will see that once upon a time I used plastic bags and styrofoam peanuts to fill up some of the pot.  I would not suggest that as I am always finding those darn peanuts around the yard from repotting.  I have to sift through and find them and it's a pain.  The plastic containers are a much better idea and whoever gave it to me...thank you!  After filling the bottom with plastic I filled it with dirt I had on hand.  I keep a plastic garbage can in the garage and when a plant dies or it's the end of the season for the annuals in containers I dump the dirt into it.  I reuse it in my plantings and usually layer fresh soil on top if necessary and/or fertilize.  If you've noticed, "soil" at the store for containers is pretty pricey!
These are the day lilies I took out of the pot....as you can see they "stand alone" they are so root bound!  And there are my peanuts and plastic bags in among the roots.
 I planted both pots with these sweet white and purple striped petunias.  They're a little "tuckered out" from being uprooted and transplanted but I'm sure they will perk up and fill out the pots and hopefully hang over the edge and drape down a bit.  
  So, there's my 2 pots filled with petunias flanking my sidewalk or rather nature path....Ha! Ha!
Some of my rubber mulch washed down the driveway during that "frog strangler" we had the other night.  Does it ever end?  I guess I'll have to "corral"  it there somehow but not so someone trips over it.  Miles to go before I sleep........... 
 Hope you're having a good Tuesday!


  1. Hi..
    The basket turned out great!

    I made the mistake of using packing peanuts one time also... what a mess.
    Now, I save and use a smaller nursery pot inverted in the pot I want to plant, and just fill the top 8-10 inches with potting soil.
    So much better.

    I like your idea of space filling with yogurt containers too.

    The nature path and petunias are so nice :)
    Good job!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday.

  2. It is looking good. The basket is great. I see from other posts too, you are keeping busy!! Busy is good, sometimes. We had a frog strangler the night before last. (i am using that phrase going forward, just so you know) We had some water in the basement. blech! Anywho, love the thought of using plastic in the pots. Not as heavy as rocks or other such materials. Hugs!

  3. I've done the styrofoam peanut thing too and had the same problem. I think it was the chipmunks that were moving them all over the place. Great idea to use "old" dirt for the containers. I used to think I needed fresh potting soil every year, but I could go broke buying that stuff. This year I bought one bag just to freshen up the pots.

  4. Oh well done with the basket, I just love them colors so bright and cheerful.


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