Friday, May 11, 2012

Look what I won!!!!!!

 Shannon, over at Cozy Home Scenes, had a drawing a few weeks ago and I entered and won a brand new Rubbermaid 2 bin recycler!  Can you believe it?  It arrived yesterday in a huge box but it was all put together...."no assembly required" .

It has 2 bins.........

The bottom tips forward and has a rim that snaps down and locks the bag in place.  

The top has a handle that allows it to be detached from the unit and carried like a basket.

 I guess I can get rid of my ugly cardboard boxes now! 
Thank you Shannon!  She's got another drawing right now that ends tonight.  It's for  Making Memories Digital Scrapbook Software.  Hope you all have a Fortunate Friday!


  1. This is very nice, and aren't you lucky!

  2. That is sooooooooooooo cool! Congratulations!!!!

  3. I'm so glad you are enjoying your recycler! Thank you very much for the nice post and for mentioning my other giveaway. I am always happy when people who will really enjoy and use the giveaway items win, and it sounds like this will be the case for you. Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  4. Congratulations! I know that will get used. It looks like a really cool system. The Boro here supplies recycle bins for curbside pickup so I don't know if they would take it from a different container. At least the provide the bins for free. Also I could buy a composting bin from the Boro for $10 if I wanted to start a compost pile.

  5. Yea for you! Sure wish folks in this country would recycle. Have a fabulous day. Tammy

  6. Awesome!
    You are a lucky lady!!

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend, my friend.


  7. Wow, what a fantastic giveaway and an welcome win! Love the handles. I could really use something like that myself. Right now all my recyclables land in upcycled cardboard boxes. :)

  8. Brilliant! What a great win, congratulations!


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