Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's all about C O L O R............

It's getting B I G G E R and B R I G H T E R  and it fits in my newly finished basket.  I made the handles for it yesterday.  I love my basket and will probably make many more as I have 2 projects in there!  I think I will call it the Amazing Rainbow Basket and write up my first tutorial ever!    There may not be pictures of stitches but there will be a clear and easy  pattern to follow as the one I started with wasn't so I had to strike out on my own.
There's lots of color outside too............

I know this is blurry but there's a sweet brown butterfly with red veins and blue front.....GORGEOUS creature....obviously this picture does not do it justice!
and of course my trusty sidekicks Nitty and Annie (alias Mutt and Jeff) who refuse to face the camera!  I hope you all have a colorful Thursday! 


  1. **GASP** Oh my!! It's becoming beeeeeooootiful! I am impressed. Can't wait to see it all finished. I have a new blanket on the hook as well ;-)
    Have a great weekend yourself (with hopefully lots of crochet)

  2. Hi.
    That is a very happy basket. Love the bright colors!!

    You have some beautiful flowers in bloom...lucky girl!

    Hope this is a great weekend for you :)

  3. Sam
    I bet your rainbow afgan will be so warm on a cold winters night!
    My sister use to make this pattern years ago.
    Beautiful flowers-I just had snow again!
    I'm so jealous!

  4. Cute dogs! Your colorful basket will make Joseph and his coat envious!

  5. I'm impressed! Your ripple is coming along beautifully. And I love your handy dandy basket. So colorful! Gorgeous blooms, too. And of course your sidekicks are the best companions ever. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  6. ...your post made me smile. Thank you.

  7. Love the colors on the blanket!


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