Thursday, April 5, 2012

Update on Edna and Miss Elaneous................

I wanted to update you on Edna, my robotic vacuum, so I decided to take a movie so you could see her in action but wouldn't upload. 
So, I guess you'll have to settle for still pictures and here I thought I might be the next You Tube sensation....oh well.
 Excuse the greenish brown spots on the rug...those are shadows not stains, not sure why they showed up like that they did.  In case you missed my posting when I first got she is in all her glory! 
Above, she is linked up with her base station which is always plugged in.  She will always return to where ever you started her up and you can program her to vacuum certain rooms certain days but I'm always here so I haven't done that yet.

Those strings that you see are where my "girls" have snagged the carpet with their nails.  This carpet is a sculpted carpet.

Below is a very short nap rug so you can see even on that Edna leaves a nice "trail".

I really love my Edna and she has helped me tremendously around here and frees me up to do other things instead of spending hours and hours vacuuming this place and I know I vacuum more often now too. The next place I go will NOT have carpeting!  The other thing I love about Edna is she is so short, about 3 inches tall, that she is able to get under the whole bed under dressers etc.  The only place she can't get is behind the toilet but then again who wants to go there anyway.  I love her dearly and it was one of the best investments I ever made.  But not every robotic vacuum is the same so I can only recommend Neato as that's the only one I've ever had.
The Miss Elaneous news is that company isn't coming.....disappointing, yes, but on the other hand I was able to sit down yesterday and get all that yarn untangled.  I think it took about 4 hours total to untangle that whole mess....whew!!!  I'm back to crocheting and there's another color going on today!  Plus, even though my company isn't coming......just the threat of it got me to get some things done! LOL!  God works in VERY mysterious ways! LOL!  Wishing you a day filled with joy and contentment!  Happy Thursday!


  1. I've never heard of the Edna robot vacuum, looks like I should have one too. I don't like carpeting either as it takes in the dust and the dogs can get it dirty. We have the wood like floors that don't scratch up I love them.
    Thanks for commenting over on my blog I found your comments held under moderation. I haven't been able to get on much the last two days as our bandwidth is being eaten up by a DL my husband was doing of a game. Nan

  2. I had a robot vacuum in Kentucky where I had all wall to wall carpeting except in the kitchen. I really loved it. I would have it run at night when I was sleeping in every room except my bedroom then I would do the bedroom alone at some other point. I ran that thing every day and had the cleanest carpets you can imagine. I highly recommend them for anyone with lots of carpeted floor!!!

  3. I've never really heard of sculpted carpet before! But I really like the idea of it! When it comes to my flooring, I have a lot of just boring old carpet right now, and I think I would prefer something like this. I should definitely get new flooring soon. Thanks for sharing!!!


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