Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What a tangled web I weave............

Yep, got myself into a little mess with my yarn yesterday.  I was crocheting away and pulling it from the middle of the skein and all of a sudden it stuck and I pulled and pulled and out came this mess of tangled and knotted up yarn! Oh my!

So, I spent 2 hours trying to wind it into a ball and straighten out the tangles.  I did this at the end of the day after I was too tired to do anything else lest you think I was playing instead of getting ready for my company! LOL!  In fact, I did it during Dancing With The Stars and what is up with me and England lately?  I'm loving the gal from England on the show, I'm into several English blogs, I love their Prime Minister and I'm making English desserts and ordering English yarn!  Maybe it's because I have English lineage somewhere or because of the Queen's celebration this year or the Olympics being held in London?  There is definitely something going on with England and me this year!  BTW.... the tangled yarn is not English...just an F.Y.I.
I have a question for all you yarn people out there.  Am I supposed to be wrapping all yarn I get into balls?  I prefer it that way because it looks prettier without the labels when I put it my baskets but I thought the skeins of yarn that weren't twisted could be used by drawing the yarn from the end.  Am I mistaken?  Unfortunately the one that is tangled is one of those huge "super saver" skeins....just my luck!  I know my skeins that I get that are twisted I untwist and ball up or the yarn store does it on their little gizmo...I forget the name of it now.  If anyone knows the answer to this please let me know.  Also, once you remove the labels is there a way to tell what kind of yarn it is?  I've kept them separate but I might have gotten  my washable wool mixed up with my regular wool for felting....ummmm.....NOT GOOD!
Anyway, I did get out my baskets that I got a few months back knowing they would be used for my yarns.  Below are the acrylics from England to be used for the Granny Stripe throw.
These are the acrylics I bought at Wally World for the ripply throw.
Below are my wool yarns that I keep in an old picnic basket
And these are the acrylics that I have rolled into balls so far.......that sits on top of the picnic basket.

I like to see them sitting around and their bright keeps me inspired but...I  may have to search for more decorative containers to keep them in or crochet faster! LOL!
Oh, I forgot to show you the pecan chicken yesterday so here it's a "keeper" for sure!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. Your baskets of yarn are so pretty, I may have to buy some just to decorate with! Maybe I'll get brave enough to try a throw some day!

  2. The baskets of yarn, ARE pretty. I'm not much help on what to do with it though. The pecan chicken sounds delish. There are plenty of things to be fond of in regards to England, and heritage doesn't hurt either!! I hope the tangled web isn't as bad today. I checked the vacation calendar at work today and took Friday off (got the last spot) so I can get ready for company!!! Hugs!

  3. You are supposed to pull the yarn through the center on those skeins that are not twisted. They are made that way specifically to avoid having to roll them into balls. However, sometimes you do get a tangle like you show in your photo. It seems to be happening more often these days than it used to. I have also found that the quality of the spun yarn is not what it used to be. Sometimes I will hit a spot that is so bad I have to cut it away and reintroduce the yarn as if I were changing color or starting a new skein. I may have to try some of your English suppliers. The yarns are fabulous


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