Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Morning on Good Friday...............

It is a beautiful morning here in the Ozarks and it's cooled off a bit which is fine with me.  I need to mow today and the weather is perfect for working outside.  Yesterday was nice also but there were clouds and a few raindrops in the morning.  I still managed to get some laundry hung out and dried though.  I went and got gas for my mower and mailed some Easter cards.  I also made some sugar cookie dough to make Easter cutout cookies.  The dough needs to chill in the frig so they're ready whenever I am.
 Many of my  blogging friends create "vignettes" on their tables and mantels and I've been wanting to try that.  A vignette, from what I understand, is  like a little "scene" and unlike the old days when we would plop one centerpiece in the middle of the table, this is a multitude of items usually with a particular theme.'s my first attempt at an Easter/Spring themed "vignette"....what's up with all the French stuff anyway?
I notice when other bloggers feature a "vignette" they also explain each item so here goes.   The red tray is plastic that I got at Wal-Mart last week for $2.00, I think.  I've been picking up trays when I see ones I like as I've noticed they really come in handy for "coraling" things like magazines, plants, etc.   The plant in the pot is a hyacinth that is no longer blooming and the pot I've had for a long time.  The basket is ceramic and I got it at the Thrift Store a while ago and it was $1.50  (I know because the price tag was still on it! LOL!) The straw in the basket was some kind of filler I got in a package and the eggs are porcelain and a gift from my daughter (long story for another day).  The "faith" pillow I think my daughter gave to me also, the candle has been around awhile and the turquoise dish is part of my Fiesta Ware collection (old) that my children brought to me from the attic of an old summer cabin on my Aunt's farm when we were visiting.  She told them they could have anything they found and what a find it was!  That's The Velveteen Rabbit leftover from the storybook adventure and the little birdhouse is from the Thrift store for no more than a quarter, I'm sure.  I pick up little items like that and stick them in among my plants sometimes.  I got that idea from Nancy Jo .  I usually use ceramic ones though so they don't rot.  This one happens to be wood.  So, there's my first "vignette".  It was fun gathering stuff and putting it together.  Hopefully, I'll get better at it as time goes on.  I still don't understand all these French themed items out there, French words, pillows, decorating....did something happen that I missed?  

Finally got back on the "crochet bandwagon" after untangling that mess of yarn and I finished the pink row and did quite a bit of yellow last night.  This pattern is so fun to do....I'm loving every minute of it!

Well, I'm off to get the yard mowed as soon as it dries up a bit.  Have a good Great, I mean have a great Good Friday!


  1. A lovely first vignette. Glad to hear you got untangled. :) Happy Good Friday to you as well!!

  2. Well its a bit late in the day but good evening Good Friday.
    This morning was nice and clear for us here but then it was dull and rain, so no lawn cutting for me just yet.
    I too have been making progress with crocheting granny squares, its so addictive I love it.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. S.I.A...
    Have a most lovely Easter.


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