Sunday, April 1, 2012

Going for a "spin"............

     When I was little I lived with my Aunt and Uncle who were actually like Grandparents to me.  My Mother was divorced when I was 18 months old and she was a nurse in Chicago.  There was no "daycare" in those days so she paid my Aunt and Uncle to take care of me in the  little farm town where she grew up.  She would come home on weekends.  Anyway, Sunday afternoons my Aunt and Uncle would always "go for a spin" after Sunday dinner.  It was always in the country and it was really for my Uncle to check the cattle up in the hill pastures but all I knew was that I loved the countryside and the drive and sometimes we would stop and visit with people.  I looked forward to it every Sunday afternoon!  So, I've decided to recreate that little bit of old fashioned visiting and every Sunday on my blog we will "go for a spin" and visit other blogs that I have come to know and love!  Here goes!  This week is all across the pond blogs.   The first one I've already been talking about quite a bit and that is Lucy at  Attic24 .  She lives in a little town in England about 3 hours from London.  She's happily married with 3 "little people" and they live in a 3 or 4 story 100 year old Victorian house that they are renovating.  She is a creative, vibrant and happy blogger and crocheter.  She makes me smile whenever I visit her and she's always doing some new interesting and colorful project! 
Our next stop is the Netherlands where Esther lives with her husband and crochets and sews too.  Like Lucy, she is has many tutorials of her projects and she's also very colorful.  Both these women have beautiful photos of their surrounding countryside too.  Esther took these pictures on a recent shopping trip to a nearby village.  Oh, would I love to shop there!   Her blog is Happy in Red and she is!
This next gal is living a dream (mine) on a farm in the English countryside and her name is Bertie Meadows.  She is a young Mom that has creativity just oozing from her fingertips!  She has so many original ideas and actually follows through on them!  Imagine that!  If I ever need inspiration or a lift, I go visit Bertie!  You will love her!  She's at Bertie Meadow's  I have even gone through all her archives I was so enthralled with her! 
"Take a spin" across the pond and visit with these creative gals and maybe Lucy will have some of that English Lemon cake I talked about yesterday!  Yum!  Tell them I said "hello" and have a great Sunday!  


  1. Enjoyed the spin across the pond! I'll check these gals out!

  2. I can't wait to go and visit your English friends!

  3. Thanks for the spin across the pond! I think I am making your lemon drizzle cake for Easter. I will let you know!

  4. Hey Sam! I remember Sunday drives well. Was always the thing to do back then. Now when someone is driving so slow, we refer to them as Sunday drivers. And in this day and age, slow and easy is not the norm while everyone is rushing at warp speed to get nowhere. Much nicer to stop and smell the roses (or the coffee). :) I like the idea of your Sunday drive in blogland. I already know Lucy and Esther, but am off to visit Bertie now. Have a marvelous Monday! Tammy


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