Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sun's out...time to get to work!

It's been raining the past few days but now that the sun's out I have laundry to get washed and hung out and a dozen more things to do!   I took recycling this morning, stopped and got a few groceries as I did NOT end up going to Wal-Mart yesterday and then I filled the SUV with gas.  I also picked up a few more plants.  They go fast around here.  I've learned to  "buy 'em when you see 'em" or forget it for the season!

Below was a Kodak "moment"!  I walked into my bedroom and what do I see but little Orphan Annie sleeping WITH Nitty in Nitty's bed.   Annie is pushy and needy and Nitty is oh so gentle and gracious!  That bed is small for Nitty much less when Annie barges in.  Look at the look in Nitty's eyes.  I've talked to her about setting boundaries with Annie and that she needs to stick up for herself but alas......she's a gentle soul and she's lets Annie push her around.  I think Annie uses the "victim" card with her telling her how she was orphaned and didn't have the love and upbringing that she thinks Nitty did.  Little does she know, Nitty was an orphan too just at a younger age.  Oh well, hopefully Annie will sleep in her own bed tonight and it was only a momentary lapse else I will have to interevene.  Nitty could eat Annie for lunch but unfortunately Annie knows she won't.  Who said animals don't have values?    Nitty's a saint in my book!

My tulips opened up!  Aren't they just so pretty with the orange and the yellow combo?

I started another crochet project last night as I realized I needed a place for all that yarn I ordered!

I found this free pattern at Chickpea Studio .  You;ll have to scroll down quite a bit to find it as it was not a recent post.


I also need to repot my poor spider plant and I've been waiting until the rains stopped so I could do it outside.  The poor thing is trying to make babies with little soil or nutrition.  She'll end up as 3 separate plants with fresh time release fertilizer.  It's the least I could do for her.

I hope you have a great weekend and tomorrow is my "R n' R" or so I keep telling myself! LOL!  I'll probably end up going to Wally World tomorrow and when I get home I will need "R n' R" for sure!


  1. What a sweet picture of your Annie and Nitty being so nice at nap time. I have two doxies, a long coat chihuahua and have just inherited a poodle from my late Grandmother. It is like a zoo around here, lately. Your tulips are beautiful and I do like the color combination. I just wish tulips stayed around longer. -------- Shannon

  2. Oh I love your tulips! The color is wonderful! I need to plant tulips around here! I have bearded irises and hyacinths growing at my house in early spring.

  3. Hey there, Sam! I just came across a new blog this evening. Check this out!

    Might be something you could get involved in.

    Annie and Nitty are so precious! And those tulips are lovely.

    I have no idea what your new project is as I just scrolled all the way back through every post in 2011 at Chickpea Studio and didn't see anything crocheted. Did I miss something?

    I wish I could keep spider plants. Jingles likes to eat them. :/

    Hope you are having a relaxing day. Tammy

  4. Never mind! I read your post again and saw what you are making so went back to Chickpea Studio and was able to do a search for the pattern. :) I need about 100 of those for all my projects. And the friend she got the pattern from has lots of free patterns. Yea! :)


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