Friday, March 16, 2012

Bake Sale and Rummage sale....Woo Hoo!!!!!

The Animal Rescue organization here in our town are having a bake sale and rummage sale today and tomorrow.  I had to take my cookies in this morning that I baked for them. Of course I had to "browse around" and visit and pick up a few items and it all went to a great cause!

No, I did not eat half of that pineapple upside cake.  They graciously sold me half of it as I couldn't possibly eat the whole thing by myself.....or could I?  I also got a pecan pie bar and a raspberry, cream cheese filled sandwich cookie which you will not see pictured here...I ate it! LOL!

Loved this lampshade that is off white and covered in crochet.
I got this HUGE jar...I love clear big jars as they are so useful because you can see at a glance what 's in them!

I got these 2 old bark cloth pillows for $2.00!  What a deal!  They need some mending and I'll wash them for now but later I may use the material for something else all together.  Isn't it just the prettiest bark cloth you've ever seen? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
This plant stand was $ seems someone was pricing high and someone was pricing low but it all worked out in the end.  I may spray paint this...I'm not real fond of the shiny brass look.  Any ideas anyone?

This rug is like new for $4.00 I think. These pictures were taken in my garage so excuse the "surroundings".

This was $10.00 and I love's so different and it's low but has a nice big surface.  I'm thinking telephone and plant table maybe for my spider plant so it can spill over the side?  I'll be doing some serious chalk paint or primitive finish on this baby!  Can't wait...painting weather is here!  I also picked up some other items and some books but I'll save those for another post as I have got to get busy around here!  
Oh, BTW, I did get my lawn mowed yesterday and I gave the girls a bath outside and then it rained this morning but the sun's out now.....this is a GREAT Spring so far although I guess it doesn't officially start until Tuesday but so far so good! Hope yours is too!


  1. Sam
    I'm glad you stopped by because you are the winner of my surprise drawing! I will reveal what you have won very soon as I am traveling this weekend and I want to add to it!
    Please send your address to my e-mail address posted on my blog profile.

  2. You got some great things..I would rough up that shiny stand and spray paint it a funky red color..I like the short wood table too..perfect for a spider plant:)

  3. I have to say I love Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. It just looks good forever. OR maybe a fun blue? Blue is classic as always.

    Thanks for visiting us at The Blog Guidebook! Your blog is very sweet. I hope you find your farm and we can come and visit!

  4. so many wonderful finds! I have seen plant stands like that painted and used outside for Birdbaths, or just painted and used inside as a plant stand! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll now be following here!

  5. Wow, you hit the that barkcloth!!! That stand will be fun too.

  6. Great finds! Love that table. Will be great when painted with a spider plant on top. I can see it now. :) All your treats look and sound yummy. Congrats on winning a surprise giveaway. Best wishes, Tammy


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