Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Quilted Heart and more...........

Here are just some of the views of our local quilt shop where I learned to quilt and now I'm learning to knit!  She has "the gift" when it comes to decorating and all around creativity and her daughter inherited it from her too!  They are both VERY talented individuals!
See that cute scarf she knitted out of fabric?  She has kits to make them!  Too cute!

 This is my knitting instructor, Ashley on the left (I know you can't see her and she's such a cutie!)  and Linda, another student on the right.  They are both far better knitters than I!  Linda made that beautiful green shawl they're working on.

This a DARLING felt and wool hand appliqued quilt that depicts snow people for every month of the year.  She won a prize at the county fair for it.  I have the pattern and the  material but have I done it yet?  NO!  Another UFO! 
This a SO CUTE wall hanging that I would like to do........
Jamie has her shop decorated with all kinds of antiques and "old stuff" we both love!

 Look at this needle keeper and tote bag.......LOVE!!!!!
and quilts galore......
Of course this is my favorite....Mary Engelbreit!  Who else???



  1. Sam
    It must be so much fun having your sewing friends. I don't have access to any groups way out here in the woods, so I just have to get along with my blogger friends!

  2. What a fun shop! I'd love to learn how to knit someday...maybe once we eventually finish the renovations on this house :)

  3. I can't even sew a button - so I would love to knit, quilt or crochet.

    The closest I've gotten is latch hooks in the 70's!!

    And I really need to see those cast off peacocks - you must post a pic!

  4. My Granma taught me to crochet just a little bit, before our time was up. I wish I had learned so much more. I see the most amazing creations in blogland and on Pinterest and wish I was able to make them. Enjoy your crafts!

  5. Oh what fun to have a quilt knit shop close by, I am sure it is as much fun learning as gabbing with friends. I love Mary Engelbright too!


  6. Hi Sam,
    So many pretty things. I wish I could be that handy.How nice that you can go there nad meet new people and learn fun stuff.
    Hey I need that new flea market magazine, I'll see if I can find it this weekend, its one of my favorites.
    Nancy Jo


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