Monday, February 20, 2012

Quiet, restful day nice.........

     I got off to a nice start yesterday morning making myself a nice breakfast as opposed to my daily ritual of yogurt and toast.  I also tried something new.  I "baked" my bacon in the oven!  You cover a baking sheet in foil and lay your bacon on the pan overlapping just a bit.  It said to bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes but I about doubled that because I like my bacon crispy like my cookies! LOL!  It did require less cleanup for sure and the bacon doesn't stays fairly flat.  I got my recipe at my favorite site All Recipes.  Like I say about Johnson's Hardware Store in our area..."if they don't have it, you don't need it!" 
I also got out my "free" old waffle iron that a lady gave me with the old cloth cord which I would like to rewire if possible but it's in good shape for now. 
It even has a lever on it that you can set from light to dark.  It's well seasoned and I spray it with butter flavored  baking spray and I'm "good to go"!
  I have a favorite pancake mix that I use for pancakes and it said you could use it for waffles too.
It's their blueberry mix and it makes delicious blueberry pancakes!

And of course, you must have maple syrup!

Looking good...........
Taa Dah!  Yumm...can't wait to dig in!
well, after eating here's my "expert analysis"............ I live alone and in order to make it worthwhile to heat the oven and cook up that bacon I cooked more than I usually would using a pan.  Now, that's alright as I will reheat this week (in a pan...microwave makes it soggy) or I could turn on my oven again but probably not for a few slices.  I'll use it for blt's but for me, personally, I will cook my bacon in the pan unless I have company.  This is how many restaurants cook their bacon now because they go through a lot of it and I sure could have used this method when my children were growing up and I had a houseful but for little old me, not a very efficient method.  Also, although I drained it on paper towels, it seemed there wasn't as much bacon fat left in the cookie sheets as when I fry it up in a pan which means that more of the fat is staying on the bacon and I sure do not need any more FAT! LOL!  And I tended to eat more because I made more. 
I told you I love my pancake mix but for waffles it really didn't work well at all.  I know they looked good but they tasted like they were the frozen waffles.  They were tough and I couldn't get them to brown or get crispy.  A friend of mine suggested I try Krusteaz mix as she has good luck with that and even uses it for Belgian style but she also has one of those newer professional waffle makers too.  I have made waffles before in my waffle maker that were very good now if I could just remember how I did it?  The moral of the story is that just because it makes great pancakes that does not ensure good waffles!  But I ate it all regardless!  I was hungry!


  1. Your right, they sure do look yummy
    I have started added a tsp of lemon to my mix and it is so mush fluffier. I even saw where someone used pkged cinamon rolls flattened
    out on their waffle iron. Wowsa,
    does that ever sound good!

  2. Great idea on baking the bacon! And they go perfect for waffles. Now I've got waffles on the brain. I'll have to make some for myself tomorrow! :-)


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