Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Decor....ahhhh......FALL is here!'s my favorite time of year and my favorite holiday! Here's a little Halloween "flavor" from the way look at the plant on the table. It is one of my Christmas cactuses and it is in FULL BLOOM! I think it felt pressured since it was on the table with my Halloween decorations...plants can be VERY competitive you know.
Did you notice my "elegant" window treatment? Tension rods with pillowcases held on with clip clothespins! HA! HA! Farmgirls are inventive for sure! I have 13 windows on that porch and it will be awhile before I get ALL that material for curtains so that's my solution for privacy in the meantime. The rest of the windows have ALL different "curtains" from pillowcases to tableclothes to dresser scarves! It is a VERY interesting room!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall & FAVS!!!!!

Sorry I haven't posted here in a few days...I have an elderly cat that is "fading" and I had to take her to the vet, give her meds and coax her on and off all day to eat and drink. But she is making a comeback! It won't be forever I'm sure but she is not suffering and I try to make her as comfortable as possible. Her name is Patches and I got her from a shelter years ago and the vet and I figured she is anywhere from 15 to 18 years old. She sleeps with me EVERY night and is THE BEST cat I have ever had. When the time comes, I will miss her VERY much!
I can't include Patches on the blog without including "my faithful companion" Serenity...Nitty for short, who is my bestest friend. She is smart, brave, friendly and a beauty inside and out.
Here are some pictures of my flowers..mums on the bench and a gorgeous Trumpet plant in full bloom in my back yard (a first year plant I might add).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pictures at last!!!!!

There are many miracles that happen around here every day and one of the ones today was that I not only found the camera but I found the cord to upload the pictures too!
Unbeleivable! Even if I find one I usually never find the other but today it all came together and so I took pictures, uploaded them, wrote and published pictures to my blog and then BOOM!!!!! Internet Explorer went I go again....
The pictures that follow are of my current project here on the "homestead" (just a ranch house in a neighborhood) but I like the name "homestead" better. Anyway, last year I repaired garage door frame, painted it and the garage door and the front porch railing and part of the steps in back. This Spring I painted the front door, and window boxes and a bench and then it got HOT here and I had to stop. Now it is cooler and I am back to painting again. I am painting the front door trim and the back steps but it is a slow boat to China as I am using oil based paint and having to paint about 3 coats over previously white painted trim. I am on the second coat now but it is truly a beautiful excuse to be outside in this, my favorite season of the year!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Disorganized by organizing!

Well...I have been looking and looking for my camera to take pictures and put on this blog but since I have been cleaning and organizing I can't find anything! Does that ever happen to anyone else? It LOOKS better around here but I can't find anything now. So, since I can't show you any pictures I figured I would tell you about 2 events that happened to me this week that were pretty me at least.
Event #1 - I was on my way to the county seat to pay my yearly property taxes and out in the country in the middle of nowhere I came upon a "chain gang" which I had never seen in my life. There were prisoners all dressed in white...pants, shirts, and even caps that went over their ears to prevent sunburn I'm sure. They weren't in least I don't think they were but they were clearing brush in a big field and there was a big bonfire. There were police on horseback guarding them while they worked. It was really creepy and I have no idea why they were there as it didn't seem to be public land and the only prison I am aware of is over an hour away. I would hate to be on the wrong side of the law...that would be pretty terrifying to say the least.
Event #2 - A little more on the bright side of things. I was bringing in some plants that had been outside all summer and as I was carrying one of them into the house, something fairly large jumped out of the plant and landed on my arm! I screamed but thank goodness I did not throw the plant in the air when I did. It was a frog or toad...not sure what the difference is. He jumped under the chest of drawers by the front door and I had to chase him out the door again which thankfully I was able to do. Once I discovered what had landed on my arm I laughed at my foolish fear! Nothing like a little scare to get the old heart pumpin' in the morning! Now I am off to find that silly camera which is hiding from me!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

October 4th 2008 - Saturday 4:51 p.m. cst

Wow! This is my first blog and my first that I'm here I don't know what to say! But that will change...I'm sure! The weather here in AR is GORGEOSO...that's a word I made up but I'm sure you get my drift. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have pictures and more to say but I'm here finally! Awesome blossom!