Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pictures at last!!!!!

There are many miracles that happen around here every day and one of the ones today was that I not only found the camera but I found the cord to upload the pictures too!
Unbeleivable! Even if I find one I usually never find the other but today it all came together and so I took pictures, uploaded them, wrote and published pictures to my blog and then BOOM!!!!! Internet Explorer went I go again....
The pictures that follow are of my current project here on the "homestead" (just a ranch house in a neighborhood) but I like the name "homestead" better. Anyway, last year I repaired garage door frame, painted it and the garage door and the front porch railing and part of the steps in back. This Spring I painted the front door, and window boxes and a bench and then it got HOT here and I had to stop. Now it is cooler and I am back to painting again. I am painting the front door trim and the back steps but it is a slow boat to China as I am using oil based paint and having to paint about 3 coats over previously white painted trim. I am on the second coat now but it is truly a beautiful excuse to be outside in this, my favorite season of the year!


  1. Very nice! Glad you found your camera... I had a similar frog story too.. Hubby & I were going to lay down a tarp in our 4x4 explorer * (Our idea of a pick up right now) and out popped about 20 frogs.. when we opened it up .. of course one had to jump into the car.. we still have not found it.. But I know its there!!
    Keep up the posts.

  2. Hi Sam,
    Good for you , pictures and everything!!
    Boy I love the colors you are using. Looks really pretty. Now I need to see more pictures.
    Glad it cooled down a bit for you, I know you weren't liking the heat.


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