Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Stitch Maynia Day #7 and Day #8

Hi everyone!  Anyone out there doing Stitch Maynia that reads my blog?  I just got through watching Kimberly from the Fat Quarter Shop show her progress so far.  I love her pod casts!  She is so positive and upbeat and stitches beautifully.  She's stitching the 12 monthly cottages by Little House Needleworks which are so cute!  Plus, I did not know that LHN's daughter is Country Cottage Needleworks...who knew? I think they own Weeks Dye Work's hand dyed floss also.  A dynasty!
Anyway for cross stitcher's I recommend FQS's Floss Tube pod casts.
This is really sad progress.....I cannot sit and stitch all day which I think some of these people do for Maynia.  My other problem is that I sometimes only have one floss color called for until my floss comes in.  Like yesterday...........
Stitch Maynia Day #7.........I could have stitched more but no floss!  But it should be here soon, I hope!  This was a free pattern by The Littlest Stitcher in Italy and is a snow drop....well, it will be......
Today was a bit better and I'm still going.............this is a free pattern by Lizzie Kate...........Hello Spring!
It really is Spring here too with pop up storms and warnings of severe weather but I managed to get out and take some pictures before a storm beats down the flowers which already happened to my irises.................

The peonies are starting to bloom!  I love the smell of them.  I brought one in the house just so I could sniff it every once in awhile..............
I found raspberries...I think .....they have thorns and I found them last year in the woods next to my yard but then I couldn't find them or I of the two.  So this year I am going to put some tape around them so I will know where to go when the berries are ripe!
The honeysuckle is just starting to bloom........another great smell!
This is not great...........darn armadillos tear up my yard so I guess I need to put down the slug killer as slugs are what they're looking for and why they dig up the yard.  If they don't find any they stop.  These are not small holes either!
I did get some treasures in the mail today!  I ordered from 123 Stitch and Fat Quarter Shop on the same day and the Fat Quarter Shop order got here today!  We'll see how fast 123Stitch is.....the fastest gets my business! LOL!
I got some Monaco 28 count Even weave....this the only material that Priscilla and Chelsea stitch with so I thought I would give it a try.  It's the same as 14 ct but you go over 2 threads instead of one.
and then I got a charm pack (5" X 5") of shirting fabrics as I need some 'lights' for my next little quilt and I am 'light' on 'lights'! LOL!  I tend to have more dark and medium prints.  I have to start collecting some lights in my stash.
I've been sneezing and my eyes are bothering me...Spring allergies evidently and I was out sticking my nose in many of the flowers so I guess it serves me right!  Yesterday I wrote thank you notes to all the lovely ladies who sent me supplies for Stitch Maynia.  I included a little crocheted scrubby and some tea.  It took me all afternoon but I was able to get them up to the post office this morning before the rain started and then I stopped by the store for ingredients for a hash brown casserole.  It's a staple for Easter dinner at Priscilla's house so I thought I would make chicken Parmesan, hash brown casserole and carrots for my Mother's Day dinner.  I plan on cooking it tomorrow so I can relax on Mother's Day and craft all day!  If the sun shines I may be planting flowers. What are your plans for the big day?    Any ideas for a good dessert?  If I get to Walmart I may buy some of those frozen cream puffs or chocolate eclairs.........yum!  I used to make them when my children were young.  Tell me what you're doing, or cooking or crafting.
Happy Trails!!!


  1. Hi Sharon! You are so busy stitching! I love the progress you're making. Some progress is better than none! YOur flowers are beautiful. My allergies are acting up too, in fact this morning I actually had a bloody nose which usually only happens during allergy season. I can't imagine having armadillos in my yard! Goodness! That's something!
    We don't have any plans for Mothers Day since none of our kids live here. We'll go to church and we're supposed to meet with our financial guy in the afternoon since he lives in Idaho but will be here this weekend to visit family. Hopefully we'll go to the lake later if my back cooperates. Wishing you a wonderful Wedneday my friend.

  2. Love all of your stitching projects, and you are doing such a beautiful job on them!
    Armadillos? I didn't realize that they are such a menace in the gardens.
    We have deer that are a menace, so I can appreciate your desire to have them leave your gardens alone! We have to mix up deer spray to keep the deer from munching down our plants.

    Sorry about your allergies! Luckily so far this year, I've not had allergy problems...I wonder if the raw local honey has helped me; they say it does help against allergies.

    Your Mother's Day menu sounds yummy. I've not planned anything yet, but it will most likely be something that I can just put in the Instant Pot, or oven and not have the hassle of a big cleanup.

    Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!!


  3. I really enjoy seeing all your new projects!

  4. Dang are really stitching up a storm. Your flower photos are so pretty. Here in Arizona,our Palo Verde trees have been blooming for over a month now. There are yellow flowers everywhere. What a mess they are when the blooms drop. But so pretty on the trees. Our Jacaranda trees are blooming their gorgeous purple blossoms too. Again a very big mess when they drop but so pretty to look at. Hubby and I are heading to Nevada for Mother's Day to be with his 92 yr young mother. Hope you have a marvelous crafty mother's day.

  5. Look at all the pretty flowers you have blooming!!! I think we're a few days behind you (though it's turning cool again, so maybe a week behind). No complaints though. 60 degree days is my perfect weather anymore. I've been busy embroidering pillowcases this week. And then trimming them out with crochet borders. Just need to finish the second one - hope I get finished and can share pictures on Sunday. I hope you have a great weekend, Sam!

  6. You have pretty flowers! cool here. some sun today. You have been busy stitching away! :)

  7. Hi Sam :) I just visited Stefanie's blog and she mentioned cross-stitching and you two have got my hobby appetite going! :) The flowers are so pretty, I LOVE peonies!!! They are so delicate looking! We don't really have spring yet...actually up here, we only get winter, a few weeks of fall then summer. But...the snow is melting so I'm happy about that.

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