Friday, January 5, 2018

Birthday plans amiss but I'm on task for FINISHES!

I told you yesterday that I had the wrong needles to start my birthday cowl so I was going to work on my Cozy Memories Blanket as I had 2 squares done for this week and 2 more to go.....would you believe....I could not find the circular needle I use for it!  I always put it in my nightstand with the blanket....always!  It has disappeared and I am totally blaming leprechauns!  I had my soup for supper and was going to have dessert later but I didn't feel well at all so those plans went south too!
I am getting some FINISHES accomplished though each day....except for the day I went to Mountain Home. I finished this book last night and it was a fun read.   Stefanie, I think you would love this book and I think there's a series.  I'll be reading more.............
Today, I worked another 5 rows on the washcloth for my friend and also FINISHED the last of the 2017 Collectible Ornaments!  Since I can't work on my CMB until that needle turns up I worked on my sweater...........just a little more in the length and I will start the sleeves..........
 I did some laundry today and cleaned litter boxes and the usual household chores and listened to Daily Hope from Pastor Rick Warren..............
I think tonight I will start this book as Outlander is going to take awhile and I need some faster finishes if I am going to make my Goodread's Challenge this year.  I read some big books last year and I am a slow reader.  Outlander is over 600 pages so I will intersperse it with some lighter not so lengthy books.  This is the 2nd book in the Aunt Dimity series and I really like them!
 Did you make any resolutions for 2018?  Pick a word for 2018 or a first book?  How's it going?  Good I hope!
Happy Trails!!!


  1. I'm sorry your birthday didn't go to plan and hope that you're feeling better today. No dessert on your birthday! I think there is a law somewhere about that. :-) That happens to me once in awhile with needles too and then they mysteriously show back up. Strange.
    I have a goal to read more this year, but my big goal is to work on the Fruits of the Spirit in my life. I've even made a journal like Patty on the podcast, "Life of Lemon Lane" made. I copied hers very closely and I think, no, I'm sure, that she's okay with that.
    Have a great evening Sam.

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  3. Hi Sam :) Oooh, probably leprechauns lol...or the girls having a little fun! ;) I hope you find your needle soon! We used to keep Oscar the cat's eye drops over the microwave in the kitchen. Poof! One day the bottle disappeared and we had to order more. We found it six months later upstairs under the washing machine lol...

    Sorry you didn't feel well, you definitely deserved ice cream under the covers!! :)

    I don't make resolutions, but I chose two words for this year: 1. Understanding - mainly for me, self-understanding, accepting my body and how it's aging, accepting emotions and giving myself a big break! and 1. Non-reaction - I am a bit of an empath, meaning I'm just too over empathetic and it affects me emotionally and physically. I tend to take on other people's emotions as my own. When it's positive, heck I thrive!! But when it's negative, I suffer. Just the other day Alex had something bad happen to him (nothing life threatening, just a bad person doing some bad things)...when he told me, I felt his suffering so much that I actually got a horrible pain in my stomach. I'm working on some exercises to help me stop's tough though because it's happened my entire life.

    Other than that, I'm going to be more childlike, enjoy my home more, pay lots more attention to the pets, and make more cheese!!! :)

  4. I hear you sister! There is a book out called "The Highly Sensitive Person", I think...I haven't read it yet but I finally realized the same thing! I literally 'feel' others emotions. It's a real burden to be sure but it finally explained why I am so happy now that I am alone. There are some negative people in my family that I had to distance myself from for that exact reason. Once I went through my 'self-understanding' instead of trying to understand others, probably when I was about your age, it all became clear and I have been so much happier ever since! I cannot be around negative all! I cut them off at the pass! I even have to be careful about watching the news, books I read and programs I watch. You go girl and I hope this year is the best ever for all of us!

  5. Oh Sam, I just downloaded the E-version of that book! I will let you know my thoughts when I have a chance to read it! You know what? You are the second person I've met through Blogger who shares being an Empath. I really believe we find each other. As you know, when the energy is good, it's GREAT! Nothing can stop us! :) But even when I'm out shopping and there is an impatient shopper behind me, or an a-hole driver on the road near me, I feel awful. I stopped watching the news pretty much altogether. I mean, I know from headlines what's going on in the world, but I can't spend time and energy on that stuff anymore, it's all doom and gloom and meant to cause upset I believe. Glad to know we have yet another thing in common!!!

  6. My word for the year is Explore, but it probably should have been finish! :)

  7. I hope you are feeling better by now, Sandra, as I'm behind on blogs. I'm sorry you couldn't cast on your birthday cowl. A belated Hau'oli la hanau to you. I hope you had other lovely surprises to make your day. Thank you for the book rec. I have the first of the series on my TBR. I think you would like reading Susan Mallery or Kristin Higgins who each write about realistic situations women deal with every day.
    I don't blame you for getting scared in that elevator; I'd be freaked out too. It's one thing to be home while an earthquake hits, but in a tin box in a shaft? I didn't want to knit afterthought heels on these Harry socks which is why I chose contrasting parts for this pair. I want to knit a slipped stitch heel. I think my afterthought heels are a bit short for my arches. I plan to notice more how different heels fit on my feet. I bought the Fish Lips Kiss heel but haven't buckled down to try them yet. I will this year.


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