Monday, February 27, 2017

Spring blooms and a bullet.....journal that is!

They can say what they want but plants don't lie!  It's Spring in The Ozarks!  LOL!  This is my old Bradford Pear tree/bush.  It got hit by lightening years ago and it's never been the same....I wouldn't be either!  But I still love it.
The forsythia is blooming too but my pictures were blurred because there's a bit of a breeze today.  Here's what some call a weed but if you look closely it looks like a teeny tiny orchid or lady's slipper or lipstick vine or something.......
The hyacinth are blooming and I love, love, love the smell of them but I can't get my nose down that far anymore so I guess I will have to start forcing blooms in the Winter just so I can get a whiff! LOL!
Of course, the daffodils are still putting on a show too...........
On other plants, the clematis is leafing out along with the rose bushes and my lavender never really died back much or my other perennials.  It just never stayed cold long enough this Winter.
I'm still reading the same books this week so I didn't want to post about them....what's the sense but I have moved onto the 2nd chapter in the NLT Bible....Exodus.  Also, I watched both movies that Connie from the Far Side of Fifty recommended (she's on my side bar)......The Great Alone and Harry and Snowman.  I loved both of them as one is about the Iditarod dog sled race and I love dogs and the other movie is about a man and his horse and I love horses!  True documentary style movies that I love.  I always think real people are so much more interesting than made up ones.  Everyone has a story and is interesting to me whether they think so or not.  Thank you, Connie, I really enjoyed them both.
I finally got going with my bullet journal after looking on Pinterest and watching videos on You Tube about's what I have so far and it is so much fun too!  It combines my love of planning and list making with my love of colors and coloring...I really am going back to my childhood!
This is what it looks like after I glued some pictures and quotes on the cover of my pink composition book.....
The first several pages you make into an index which means you can make each page or pages whatever you want and the index will help you find them again...very important! LOL!
 I tried to 'gussy' it up but failed miserably but I will get better with practice I hope..........
 This is my 'future log' (I am using a tutorial and a quick reference sheet to get the basic page layouts in place).  I only did one page today....tomorrow I'll be working on the monthly log and task list.......
I used some colored pencils I got for Christmas (Crayola sharpening involved!) and my Prisma color pens which I love but I need more colors.  I also want to get some Tombrow (sp?) brush markers.....the You Tube videos give you a list of the supplies they will take time to build up but did I tell you how much I love art and office supplies too?  Bullet Journaling and I are a match made in heaven especially since it is 'homemade' too.
I put some washi tape at the bottom..........
I was pleased with how it turned out.........
I'm no artist and some of these people have beautiful journals but it is darn fun and that is what I am all about now a days! LOL!
As for my day so far......I've cleaned up the house, washed, hung, picked and folded 2 loads of laundry, went to the store for some ground beef and chips for Sloppy Joes tonight, worked a few rows on my shawl, read some blogs and ran the Spotbot in about 3 places.....Annie had some 'hacking' accidents after her surgery.  I think it was the tube they put down their throat for anesthesia but she's fine now.  I also looked for a homemade recipe for Spotbot detergent and I found one, where else?, Pinterest!  I need to make that, iron my fabric to the interfacing for my project bag, make supper and if I have any energy left I would like to work on my front closet....remember when I started painting it many moons ago?  Yep, another WIP!  I hope you are having a great Monday!
Happy Trails! 


  1. Busy, busy, busy! You make me feel lazy. I do my physical therapy exercises and walk around the house a little and that's about it. But I am getting better every day, I can tell. Your journal is coming along beautifully. I admire you for that. Have a wonderful afternoon my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy

    1. Don't be hard on yourself...remember...I'm not in pain! So glad you are getting better and the physical therapy is helping!

  2. You blooming plants are gorgeous. I could almost smell the hyacinth. L8ve their scents too. Your bullet journal is shaping up beautifully. I will enjoy watching it take shape.

    1. Thank you, Marsha. I didn't get to the journal on another tangent! LOL! Do you think I might have Attention Deficit Disorder?

  3. Spring is kickin' winter to the curb in your 'hood. Your bullet journaling is like my cardmaking - a hobby of paper and fun doodads to make it fancy. Opera Jo is staring separate Bu Jo podcasts to talk about her bullet journaling if you're interested.

    1. Oh! Thank you for telling me because I love her but have been trying to 'catch up' with Hue many great podcasts out there! Did you stop doing yours? I kept looking for it but no updates?

  4. Thanks for sharing the bullet journal. It sounds fun!

    1. It is fun and it's cheap and homemade and everything is in one place. Planners are great but they never give me enough room. Now, I can make the different areas as big or as small as I want....custom made! LOL!

  5. Your Pear tree is just beautiful! I've never seen that before, the flowers are lovely. All of the flowers look so pretty, I can't wait to start planting mine! I'm going to check out those two movies that you/Connie recommended. We are big film buffs, especially the old black and white film noirs. Movies these days seem mostly like "sleepers" to us...meaning we fall asleep to them lol...we love documentaries too, especially involving animals. And look at your bullet journal! Wow Sam, you put a lot of work into that! I do have 4, but mine don't have all of the bits and pieces that a lot of them do. But I'm having lots of fun with mine as well. I thought maybe I would lose interest after a while, but I've been using them daily and they are a great organizational tool, but it's the creative side that I enjoy the most!

    1. I know, there are many movies that do not keep my interest but these 2 did. The Bradford Pear is a big landscaping tree down here and they are not real pear trees although they have little clusters of brown fruit that is hard and looks like a nut. They're nice for decorating in the Fall.
      The journal is an experiment for sure but most the people say each year you add some pages and delete some that don't fit your style. I shall see but just having the space and no loose papers all over the place will be a big plus! I meant to put you on my sidebar and I will....


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