Monday, January 9, 2017

It's Monday...what are you reading?

What a whirlwind week this has been and it seems like I will be spending January just prepping for the rest of the year.  Trying to organize all my projects and plans and time to fit them all in is a work in progress. my word of 2017 is FOCUS and that is what I need to do right now.  This post is all about the books....the ones we love and the ones we hate and the never-ending TBR list.
My first book of 2017 has not been chosen yet.  It's difficult because I almost feel like that first book of 2017 sets the tone for the rest of the year so I must chose carefully.  Nonsense, I know, but that's the way my mind runs sometimes.
 I thought I would share some book blogs with you that I found and that you might be interested in:

Books on the Nightstand  
I am always late to the party it seems.  This blog/podcast has ended but there are many episodes you can go back and listen to and I have and still do. With all my handwork projects, I truly enjoy audio podcasts as there is no need to look up and take my eyes off of what I am working on.

Modern Mrs. Darcy
This is one of my favorites for sure and her recommendations are always spot on plus she keeps you informed of the better quality ebook titles that are on sale

Book Journey
This is Sheila who is so good at what she does and her love for books truly shows

Here are some others you might want to check out.........
Farmlane Books
Dove Grey Reader
Dear Author
Book Date
Omnivoracious  This is Amazon's book review page
My Friend Amy's Blog
Podio Books
The Horn Book   This contains book reviews for children's and YA books
Abe Books Blog

At this time of year most of the book sites and blogs have a list of The Best Books of 2016 which is always fun to peruse and there are also book challenges where you can challenge the number of books you read and try to up it and also change the type of books you usually read.  Step out of your comfort zone in the safety and security of your reading genre.
I will be joining the Good Reads 2017 Reading Challenge.  Last year my challenge was 50 books and I went over that by a little so this year I raised it to 75 books.  I also joined the challenge set out by Modern Mrs. Darcy which is really a suggestions list of types of books to read and you try and read one from each category to "spice things  up a bit".   There are 2 lists. One is Reading For Growth and the other is Reading For Fun and I will attempt to complete both.
Well, this post is plenty long enough so I think I will post about what I've read and what I'm reading next week.  If you have any good suggestions for other "bookish" blogs or interesting reading challenges out there, please let us know!  Happy reading and Happy trails!


  1. Oh thanks so much for the links to other book blogs! You know I LOVE to read and I have so many new authors I want to try this year. Goodreads helps me a lot keep up with what I've read and I like to look at the reviews. I went to a blog that had a 'best of 2016' list and saw a lot of books that you and I both like. So now I'm going to read some of the others she mentioned. Here's the link...
    Enjoy your day! It's cold....a good time to read! Or visit friends. Do you have coffee or tea to share? Hugs, Diane

    1. PS I saw your comment come through by couldn't write you back. I bought the white squirrel at a little gift shop that went out of business years ago. And I have a storage closet and put some things in the attic. We don't have a storage unit or even a storage shed here in FL...or a basement! lol Thanks for your sweet comments!

  2. I just signed up for the goodreads challenge too! Last year I was so caught up in reading about flowers, bees and goats that a lot of the "hot reads" went unread, so I am playing catch up. Trying to read outside of my realm too! Thanks for the blogs! It helps to see what others our reading. Things I would never have seen on my own!

  3. Oh, great! I'll friend you over there! Lavender Dreamer (above) and on my sidebar is on Goodreads too and always has good recommendations. The Modern Mrs. Darcy blog has a great list for reading outside your usual. It makes it fun!

  4. Yay! Another knitter also joining in on the book memes.


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