Thursday, September 29, 2016

Not so thrifty Thursday.........

Not so thrifty month either.  Everything is due in taxes, vet appointments, my doctor appointments, annual termite service........AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  On top of that my pharmacist keeps giving me 3 month refills.  I told him I only want 1 month at a time!  I'm on a budget or trying to be anyway.
Today I took Nitty to the vet for her allergy shot and she has an ear infection and she had to get her nails trimmed and I needed Frontline.....$154.00!  Yikes batman!  They also charge $42.00 for an "office call".  I called them on that and they said they've always done it and I said no they haven't.  She said all the vets do it but I will be calling around.  They've evidently formed a "coalition" with the only other vet in the area.  Do you get charged an "office call" and if so how much?  I'd really like to know.  My vet is a husband and wife team and they have 4 children and I think the oldest started college this year.  Coincidence?  I don't think so. But Nitty is resting comfortably and no more itching...poor Nit!  When her allergies flare up she bites her feet and tries to scratch but with her arthritis she can't even get to spots that itch.  It's not easy getting this house we all know it firsthand except for the cats...they're still fairly young.  On top of that the kids are coming from who knows where (we don't have any in our neighborhood) selling things for school and the grands are hitting me up also! LOL!
Yesterday I mowed and the day before that I did some Fall decorating and cleaning up around the old homestead outside.......... this mum has 3 different color mums in it....white, purple, and yellow.  I've never seen that before..........
I had to get some pumpkins.............
Love this one..........
and of course a wreath for the front door........
 Here's the night time view with the lights on..........

 I got them at the Dollar store....I love the little white lights all year round!  I need more for inside now.
I've been up since 2:30 this morning....what is up with that?  Is this something to do with getting older?  I go right to sleep and then wake up after about 4 hours! But I must admit I did get a lot done today and I really don't feel any more tired than usual at this time of day so maybe it's a good thing?
Just think how much more I could get done each day!
Happy Trails!


  1. Your porch is looking very warm and welcoming for Fall!
    Concerning your prescriptions-You do not have to buy all 3 months of your prescription at once. It will be filed on the pharmacies computer and you can purchase it as you need it. The reason a lot of people would purchase all 3 at once is because many pharmacies (like WalMart) will charge you only one filling fee for all 3 prescriptions if they are the same pill. If you go once a month you will get charged the filling fee every month. The filling fee here is nearly $10. So I save $20. by purchasing them all at once. Hope this helps!

    1. I have a local pharmacy here in town I go to and they have no filling fee....I would object to that too! I just told them...1 month's worth from now on. I don't ask permission as I am the's all about me! LOL! Plus, they know I can take my business elsewhere.

  2. Damn. Office call? Yes, do call around and compare fees. That sh*t should be laid on via paperwork. But I'm glad your kitties got good care and are comfortable.

    1. Thank you, Stefanie....I needed someone on my side for a change. Many of them look at older people like we're all rich and stupid. I am neither! LOL!

  3. I think you get a lot done every day! I've been a slug all week except for my knitting. I've actually found it's cheaper with our insurance to get 3 months at once. If you fill it for 3 months they only charge you for 2, so it's like getting one month free. Of course, we'll probably get new insurance next year and it will all change! Ever since Obamacare we get switched every year which is a real pain setting everything up again but none of the beaurocrats seem to care about that. Our vet doesn't charge a visit fee but everything else about the treatments add up.

    Love your fall decorations. They all look beautiful and I like the white lights too. Are they on a timer to go on and off alone? Have a lovely weekend my friend.

    1. Thanks for the explanation and the compliment on my decorations. I will call and find out about insurance coverage of 3 months versus 1 month. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and I don't have to switch every year. My lights are not on a timer but they should be....good idea!

  4. It is nice to get an early start some days, and sometimes we just don't seem to need as much sleep, but 2:30 is way too early. I force myself to stay in bed until at least 5 am (or when the sun comes up). Your Fall decorations are lovely. I have to say, so far (knock on wood) Jingles has been one healthy kitty, so we don't go to the vet. Charges here are pretty steep. And I find that just about all businesses are taking advantage of their customers now. Costs keep going up, up, up with everything. No wonder so many people can't make ends meet. It's a true shame.

    1. Thank you for the support. I am not a cheapskate but companies and businesses seem much greedier now a days. I am blessed to have the income I do and my house and car are paid for but golly, gee whiz, there are many who are not as fortunate as me so I pray for them and try and donate when I can to food banks and Oxfam and the Salvation Army but every year it seems I donate less and all trickles down unfortunately.

  5. I love your twinkle lights and pretty wreath. It's expensive to have a pet and take good care of one. I would hate spending the money it costs now. It was bad enough a few years ago...worse now! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hugs!

  6. Hi Sam,
    Wow that is lot coming due at once! Glad nitty is feeling better. Yes I do the same thing with the sleeping. Go to sleep then wake up after about four hours. Last night I watched TV from 1:30 till 3:30. Then took a while to go back to sleep and kitty woke me up at 5:00. Not to often that I sleep all night.
    You asked me about the soy candles. They don't smoke, they burn pretty clean.
    Your front porch lights are so cute. Gotta love the dollar store.
    Well off I go take care and remember you were going to send me your address.
    Nancy Jo

  7. Yes ours charges an office call, 40 $ I think, we usually do their clinic in the spring when it is cheaper for shots. I usually clip Chances nails and clean his ears. I use q tips and mineral oil, unless it is an infection then I use an antibiotic from the vet, otobiotic I think it is called. Vet visits are expensive. Luckily I paid all our property taxes in the spring, that way I didn,t have to think about it anymore.

  8. You've got some gorgeous pumpkins and Fall flowers. Love, love the addition of twinkle lights to your front porch... great idea.

    I don't think our vet charges for an office call. We usually just pay for services rendered.

    We're working on living more frugally, as we need to prepare as best we can for retirement.
    Everything is so pricy now a days!!

    ~Have a great day.


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