Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Back to work!

I took the weekend off basically but today was back at it with laundry, ironing, cleaning and clearing.
But over the weekend I started on one of the projects on my new YOP list for 2016-17.........the GIANT granny square.  It is so much fun I can't stop!  I weave the ends in as I go and the farther along you get the more time in between there being any ends to weave in.
It looks a little catty wampus?  I have no idea why but I love it!  So far it is the most enjoyable project of 2016-17.
 Today is my namesake's birthday!  Sam is 9 years old today and he received his card and magazine subscription today for Ranger Rick along with Grayson (he got Ranger Rick Jr.) who's birthday isn't until the 26th and he'll be 4 then but I always figure better early than late.  Uriah's birthday is tomorrow and he will be 8.  We'll have a party with cake and ice cream and more presents when they come down the end of this month. 
 I still managed to work on my granny square on "breaks"...it was very hot here today!  It is almost 7:00 p.m. and it is 89 degrees F and it says it feels like 100.  I can verify that as I just went out and watered.  Stay cool!
Happy Trails!


  1. Sam is sure a cutie! I hope to learn how to make granny squares someday.
    I like the colours you chose for your square.

  2. I made a huge granny square afghan for my daughter, I used variegated yarn...good projects you have lined up for your year, I looked through them, you will be busy:)

  3. What a handsome birthday boy; he's the same age as my Jellybean. They grow so fast, yeah? Crocheting a big, granny square is almost like vanilla knitting. I made one long ago for my BFF's daughter so I know how much work it is.

  4. Love the colors you picked! A little blocking and will be perfect!!! Such a handsome boy!!! Stay cool in all that heat.

  5. Wow, so many birthdays this month! My Grand Maxwell turned 4 on the 5th and Grayson was 7 on April 13. Don't you love your Grands...so much fun. Love your new project..always wanted to do those but I don't crochet that well.

  6. What a handsome young man! The birthday to all of your grands. I love your granny square start. I read somewhere that if you crochet onee round, then turn it over to crochet the next round, then turn it back over to crochet the next round and on and on, it will keep it from looking "catty wampus". I've tried it and it does seem to help. Stay cool! Blessings, Betsy


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